Pavel's Sketchbook
No time today...
[Image: 0212.jpg]

[Image: 0213.jpg]

[Image: 0214_2.jpg]
[Image: 0214.jpg]

Good work Pavel. The gesture figure sketches are looking nice and natural to me and the hands are looking very nice too. Are you using any references for the figures? I'm using Loomis and finding the stuff about skeleton and musculature very useful, might be worth you having a look too if you can get your hands on Loomis. Keep going dude!

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CD Sketchbook

Thank you Artloader, of course I have used photos as a reference most of the time.I have Loomis books and they are great.

Im so tired today. I will probably need to start a habit of waking up earlier and draw. 

[Image: 0215.jpg]
[Image: 0215_2.jpg]

Hands :)

[Image: 0216.jpg]

Stuff... :)
[Image: 0217.jpg]

You have good study habits. Keep this up, don't worry about personal pieces yet, learning is the most important and you're doing it right :)

(02-18-2016, 06:21 AM)Pavel Wrote: Stuff... :)
[Image: 0217.jpg]
Badass portrait, lovely greyscale. Have you tried painting from your own primary research, ie. photos you have taken? The internet is great for studies but I find that sometimes painting something you saw/shot for yourself is quite powerful.
Thank you guys. 
Yes these are just for training, it would be great to paint from my photos.

[Image: 0218.jpg]

Nice barrel and I love the portrait aswell :)

+1 for that amazing portrait, love the values and the brushwork!

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Hey guys, I'm back after so long time. I'm doing some Hearthstone fan arts. If you can give me a critique, I will really appreciate it! I will also add some new stuff later :)

[Image: malfurion.png]

I started to do some horse studies, value, color and the last one is from imagination. btw I find super useful to try sketch/paint the subject from imagination before and after doing a study.

[Image: horse_lines.jpg]
[Image: horse_1.jpg]
[Image: horse_2.jpg]
[Image: horse_3.jpg]
[Image: horse_color_1.jpg]
[Image: horse_color_2.jpg]
[Image: horse_color_3.jpg]
[Image: horse_color_4.jpg]

[Image: horse_imagination_1.jpg]

And one fan art of gnoll from blizzard universe with process gif

[Image: pavel-baghy-pavel-baghy-gnoll-hogger.jpg?1515266534]

[Image: pavel-baghy-process.gif?1515266118]


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