Elf Archer
Hello guys!
My name is Yan Kyohara, I'm a 18 year old brazilian student, and I'm new here :)
I would like some feedback about my last ilustration, I have never received a real critique or paintover.
Well, thanks for your attention ^^

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This is awesome and you are doing extraordinary work, I like the colors.

Looking through your other images, you are making good progress. You might consider looking for new ways to challenge yourself and your process. Maybe spend more time on hands, boney landmarks, and edge control . Trying using larger hard edge brushes for bolder brush strokes.

As you are learning, stay away from any photoshop filters, such as the popular chromatic aberration, overlay effects, flares etc, until your get the results you want without them.

I like to think of painting similar to cars, a well built and constructed car with a bad paint job will always look better than the poorly built car with a perfect paint job.

Thank you for sharing, I really like this image.

A video game artist for ~2 decades I like to design model & animate characters + study traditional drawing painting & sculpting

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Thank you for the feedback! I really need to get more ways to challenge myself, I'm always reluctant to try new things, I need to work on that : )

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