Ren's Sketchbook
Hi I'm Ren, I'm a female:) Currently a Fine Arts student whose creativity and dreams are slowly dying (ironic isn't it). Buuut I'm hoping joining the daggers could change that <3

Here are some wips (bc i do not have a finished work in my entire life) I don't have much but I hope to be more active

Open for any crits and/or advice~

I've completely given up on finishing the first one (well maybe not completely) I really don't know what to do with his armor so if anyone wants to doodle something on him please do.

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Some studies :>

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Dude! Nice stuff, only thing I could see it that for example on your paintings the lights/shadows are a bit off wich makes it look flat/pasted on. But other than that great start.

Welcome! Nice sketchbook you got.

The things so far are pretty solid, most of the problems seem to be drawing related. If you really want to fix some of the stuff that's wrong with the armor in that first painting, I'd suggest drawing over everything and correcting the mistakes before anymore painting. The second character is really nice, that'd be cool to see finished! :]



What a bloody awesome start to your sketchbook! I'm in awe, I love this kinda style, <3
If I had a bit more time I'd defs try to help out however I can with the first guy. We'll see how we go,

Just keep at it, you've already got the knack, imagine how far you'll go with consistency!
I'll be keeping me eye on ye ahaha

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
@BrushNoir Thanks man! On which piece particularly? Should I darken my values?

@Archreux Thanks! Oh and I know righhtt huhu :( This is what I get for trying to wing it without proper lineart first. I'm trying out this style in which you render the whole body first so you can play dress up for said character. Really useful when making items for games but apparently I really suck at it lol. Idk I saw it from this korean artist guy and thought I'd try it. 

Originally it was supposed to be some half naked elf dude, but then it became a little study, and then I wanted to give him some armor but my mind just went blank :/ It looks so pasted on I just ugh


[Image: Patrick-Star-Blushing-With-a-Love-Struck...epants.gif]

ya makin me blush brah /// thanks <3<3
Some more wips aha ha ha

The first one was a lighting exercise. sort of. I made my ref through daz3d
I'm having such a hard time trying to visualize design I don't know why :(

Second one I'm still trying to figure out the values and lighting and where its supposed to go.

aand I posted the base of my elf dude. Big mistake was not sketching first  

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Hey Ren! 

Before doing your masterpieces, think in advance what are you going to paint or draw.The thing is, I've noticed that your designs are your weakness. Before drawing a character or clothes on him,explore some designs. I am not talking about "posing a character in a cool pose and start some random thing", I am talking about a concept.

Before painting,like a concept artist,explore your character.Think about his story,who is he?Why is he doing that?Is he a bad character or a good one?In which part of a world he grew up?Does he have friends? If you answer on this kind of questions and show your viewer answers,he will pick up and understand what you wanted to show or say.If you can explain a story without a single word- this is a successful design and painting.All armor or clothes is just a part of a design as well to use in "thick and thins" or to make a good shape.So character and clothes on him is ONE,they are not separate.A good thing to do is just to paint a silhouette of a character.If your silhouette is strong,understandable and cool looking,most likely,your character will too.

Another thing,if you are doing studies,drawing from other drawings,photos or memory,leave it that way. Don't waste your time on making it a masterpiece.Like adding extra features you didn't plan to do. It will make your drawing weak in terms of design and it will be not interesting to look at.

Now,about perspective and dynamic shots, use your own body for reference and measure how body parts or facial features are related to each other.Does't matter how well you paint or render,if your drawing (perspective) is broken,the whole piece is just nothing.It's not believable

Hope it helps and good luck!

The Way Of The S4MURAI  (sketchbook)
Suppity sup once more! o/

Lookin' good!

Yeah, there's a lot of truth to what S4MURAI_CAT explained <3 personally, I've come to the conclusion that my visualisation skills improved most dramatically when I went back and studied the basics of perspective.
Because no matter how much you study anatomy or environments or anything, really... nothing really sunk in until I studied basic shapes in space. 
Legit, everything becomes easier when you study persp.

Let it be known-!

Carry on  Th_084_

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
That first one, his armor looks like it's sort of open instead of following the ''curves'' of his abs.

@smrr how did you study perspective? I mean what would you recommend as an exercise? Drawing boxes perhaps? I find it a hard subject to actually study :p

@S4MURAI_CAT & smrr See this is the kind of quality advice I don't get from my art school. Thank you so much! Alright, I've never done the silhouette exercise before, so I'll start practicing it.

Oh and same question as BrushNoir, do you guys recommend any exercises on how to study perspective? A youtube channel, book or site that we could follow perhaps? I know Scott Robertson's channel is one i think but I haven't checked it out yet

Also, ahh yeah you're right Noir. Now that you mention it. I didn't really think much about it then, i just slapped on the base color and blindly rendered from there. Thanks, I'll work on it :)

<3 <3

I literally drew simple shapes in space using a rough 1/2/3-point perspective grid haha

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
(03-20-2016, 08:46 AM)Ren Wrote: do you guys recommend any exercises on how to study perspective? A youtube channel, book or site that we could follow perhaps? I know Scott Robertson's channel is one i think but I haven't checked it out yet

The best teacher who teaches perspective is Scott Robertson and his perspective fundamental series.Or you can google one of his student - John Park.

But if you want to correct your perspective on figures,correct faces, i would recommend to check Proko's youtube channel :

The Way Of The S4MURAI  (sketchbook)
@smrr woah i completely missed that spoiler button haha (i have horrible eyesight) . I'm still trying to figure out how to do that 

I appreciate the thought spewage, really :) Even though I'm in art school, I feel so lost and unmotivated with my environment. (Is it supposed to be so toxic? It's not even the friendly competition kind) So if physically, I can't surround myself with people who can help me grow, then I thought to find them online and wow was I right<3 (here's a more cheesy wall of text so that we both get embarrassed haha)  I'll keep what you said in mind, thank you :>

You really hit the nail on the head about the directionless part tho aha ha   ha

@S4MURAI_CAT Ohhh he was his student?? I didn't know that :0 too bad I can't afford his patreon and gumroad though, but his old yt channels still have some gold nuggets in them. I'll be gathering some sources on perspective and work some exercises for a couple of weeks, along with gesture studies.  Your sketchbook reminded me I still have a lot to learn about form Kiss  Thank you!


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