CC3: Better late than never
Been rather busy last weekends, but still want to give this a try.
The idea is a powerful artifact in the desert. So I started of with some poses, than made those into value thumbs. The top left and right one read the best. I think I like the first one the most so I'll go with that.

Besides normal studies, I would also like to do some watercolours studies of the environment before applying everything in the painting.

I will see how far I get. Hope to finish it, but also satisfied if I just get the lineart done.

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Great that you joined!
The top right comp is more readable for me, top left might be interesting but needs clearer shapes I guess.
Whatever we'll manage to do within the timeframe, I think the main goal is to learn from our Crucible experience :)

Nice start, glad you're joining after all ^^. Have to agree with neopatogen, you might try and get some more thumbs based on that one, just to see what comes out of it.

@ Thanks Neo and Brush. I went with the first one at the end and I'll see how it goes. I like the other one as well, but I think the first one I can connect more to the assignment. Maybe I'll make another illustration from the other thump :).

I made some crappy lines. Drawing upgraded stick figures is harder than it seems.

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Are you doing this digitally this time? How about testing a dynamic 3 point perspective? It's hard but it won't hurt to try and if it doesn't work you can always return to the previous comp.

No, but I started the sketch digital because it is easier to correct and make use of the perspective grid. I like the idea of 3 point perspective, I'll look into that never really tries that so it's going to be a challenge

I get where you're coming from, (I was deathly afraid of paper for a couple months, because I'd gotten way too used to being able to correct any mistake in digital) but I'd still recommend doing some more traditional sketching in all stages of what you're doing. That way you can just try out everything you intend to do and get a feel for it, which means you'll be able to think about other things in more detail when you work on it in the final.

With sketching you really don't have to worry that much about being able to correct mistakes. I think not being able to go back can even be helpful in that it stops you from fiddling with a sketch too much after a certain point to try and correct it.

Project / Sketches / Paintings
@Lodratio; I'm not afraid of paper :) Most of my work is traditional and I usually study with pencil and paper as well. But getting perspective right is just easier with a grid.
I should do more random sketching though..

I did a small landscape study. Every watercolour has this stage that it looks terrible and I always feel like giving up. But just continue and it might turn out into something OKish..

* Watercolours can be lifted, maybe not totaly white but you can lift out colour to create rocks later.
* Lot more pigment to create a bright saturated wash in one time, instead of layering over and over it.

Also made a quick watercolour sketch with cracks in the ground where blue magic comes out. Was not patience enough, so it looks terrible. But I got an idea on how to do it. :)

Now let's see what I can do about that sketch..

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This is how far I got today. I like the idea, so I'll try to finish it this weekend/next week.
Have to look into the colours and into the anatomy and design of the characters.

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I finished the piece. I really, really, really need to work on my anatomy. That is what currently is breaking the piece the most.
And I lost a bit of the yellows that I had in the study, I liked that better I think.

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I think simplified figure drawing in perspective must be of help! And some fold studies , because the figure is dressed and cloth without folds looks a bit unnatural. Great that you've finished your piece, getting things done is important ! I like the color palette!

Congrats for finishing it! Now I feel really bad for now finishing mine :C

Good point about the cloths Neo. *Puts in on the study list*

And Piotr.. Go fix! There is still time :)


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