Eyliana's sketches
Some of my latest sketches and drawings.
1. Skull practice. Feeling the bottom one is a bit off. Otherwise it went quite oke :).
[Image: 2015_11_12_by_eyliana-d9giddz.jpg]

2. Portrait practice. Thinking on water colouring it this weekend.
[Image: 2015_11_11_2_by_eyliana-d9gideb.jpg]

3. Phoenix. Just fun with pencils :).
[Image: 2015_11_12_phoenix_by_eyliana-d9giddi.jpg]
Here some new studies and paintings:
[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9hms66.jpg]

[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9hms58.jpg]
[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9hms6o.jpg]

Which resulted in:
[Image: confusion_by_eyliana-d9hmoeh.jpg]

[Image: forest_nymph_by_eyliana-d9hnhth.jpg]
Here a bunch of studies again:

1. Ears
[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9jfzg8.jpg]

2. [Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9jfzfw.jpg]

3. I found a book and figured out what was wrong with my porportions. My heads became so much better after this ^^
[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9jfzfg.jpg]

4. Trying 5 minutes studies, to see how far I would come. Not very far :p. And tried to give the second image a bit more detail, trying to work out how smiling works. She turned out pretty scary, lol!

[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9jfzer.jpg]

[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9jfzea.jpg]

And my paintings of the last two weeks:
1. Secret Sinterklaas gift.
[Image: secret_sinterklaas__shushy_and_her_hamst...9j7qsg.jpg]

[Image: ophelia__the_frost_princess_by_eyliana-d9jdh7c.jpg]

Nice work! Grin You have a lovely sense of colour, and the studies are great to see! Keep up those studies and push those portraits even farther!


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Thanks! And will do, got some free time on my hands while waiting for an internship so going to spend that time well :D

Thanks again for stepping by my sketchbook! :)

I really like how you nailed those watercolor portraits!

Maybe I'm wrong, but I can spot a bit of hesitation in your lines. Have you tried doing some warm-ups before drawing? I'd suggest to take a look at Scott Robertson's book "How to Draw" :)

Keep pushing!

Thank you :). And I don't usually do warm-ups. I did start with doing some gesture drawings before getting to study, but maybe drawing exercises are not a bad idea either. I'll take a look at that book, thank you :)

More studies:
[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9jnbay.jpg]

[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9jnbaj.jpg]

[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9jnbb3.jpg]

[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9jwbgh.jpg]

[Image: 2015_12_15_by_eyliana-d9k7aks.jpg]

And a new portrait:
[Image: kyra__princess_of_the_fire_pearls_by_eyl...9k7a0h.jpg]

At some point I want to make the step to the rest of the human figure. But it is a scary step, since I have to start from zero again, which does not feel very motivating.. :P. And I still have the feeling that I'm not far enough with mastering the face yet.

Great, you are really working hard there to improve! Keep doing watercolor paintings (also try out other media, it really helps in getting better). For some, hopefully constructive critique: try to be mindful of the placement of facial features. They tend to be off quite quickly (been there, believe me :) the only thing that helps is doing concentrated studies over and over again (this will take a long time, so be prepared and never quit!). And as I can see in your nose studies, you have some observational skill, these turned out really good. Feel free to ask for advice if you like

Thank you! I'm aware of my problem with the placement of the facial features, I try to become better at it :). One portrait a day, that's the goal!

So more studies!
[Image: 2015_12_16_by_eyliana-d9mgwq0.jpg]
[Image: 2015_12_16_2_by_eyliana-d9mgwps.jpg]
[Image: 2015_12_16_3_by_eyliana-d9mgwp6.jpg]

And new studies from 2016!
[Image: 2016_01_02_1_by_eyliana-d9mgvk2.jpg]

[Image: 2016_01_02_2_by_eyliana-d9mgx5x.jpg]

Your loomis heads and noses in 3d wire are looking good with volume.

For the eyes. Try to draw them more closed, above all the bottom lid.
Make the bottom eyelid hide some of the iris.
Dont make the outer corner as sharp. Smooth/round it.
Most of your pupils are too small. Make them bigger, will add cuteness.

Sketchbook: p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6 p7
Thanks for the feedback Alfonso, that's really helpful. I'll try to put the suggestions to good use ^^

Hey man, your studies are looking great! Your construction is definitely improving, but make sure you apply those skull studies to your portraits: sketch in the whole shape of the skull in 3D and then work on placing the features. I think a little more box perspective drawing would be very helpful to you. Keep it up!

Thank you Eristhe! I'm doing the opposite now as exercise actually, have a photograph and sketch in the skull there to get an understanding of how things work. But your tip is definitly worth trying. *Puts it on the study list*


I haven't been drawing much lately. The internship is taking a lot of my time and energy which leaves barely anytime to draw. t the same time I keep discovering new topics that I have to practice on.. frustrating business!
On the other side, I have been combining Loomis and Reilly and the portraits I draw from imagination look kind of oke with that approach. Portraits from reference, well those are another story :p.

And I'm still stuck at the second class of 'In Yo Face'. I have to copy the skull onto a portrait, but doing that digitally is just a pain. So I think I'll just print them and use tracing paper instead.

Study of the Reilly abstraction.
[Image: 2016_01_04__1__by_eyliana-d9npcfe.jpg]
Application of the Reilly abstraction and some squared heads
[Image: 2016_01_04__2__by_eyliana-d9npcef.jpg]
And finally I finished a water colour painting again! Colours are a bit a mess because scanner and difficult to get right in photoshop :/
[Image: feritas__carrier_of_the_earth_treasures_...9nle38.jpg]

Hey! You're doing really great. Reilly rhythms, skulls and planed out heads is really the way to go to get better at this stuff - you can try Asaro heads too to get more complex with the planes sometimes too.

You've got some good sense of form going, I think what could help you is to learn the shapes of some of the smaller parts of the skull - specifically the brow / keystone / eye sockets and then how the cheekbones wrap from behind and merge into that piece. They will give much more sense of realism and delicacy and you can get your eye sockets nice and deep.

I did a few notes on this stuff over one of your practice constructions, also showing how I use the rhythms to keep stuff locked in with each other so the chin doesn't float away from the eyes. All this stuff I got from Vilppu and Ron Lemen - if you can get hold of Vilppu's head drawing lectures they really explain the skull parts a lot better.

(let me know if you don't understand anything, I might have crammed too much info on one page)

Bigger version is here: http://imgur.com/QKwhL30
[Image: HgWs7LD.jpg]

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Thank you for the extensive feedback, that's really helpful :) I think I get everything. I think it will help be further. Thanks!

Last two weeks of works. So much time and energy gone by sitting 2,5-3h in the car each day :/ Makes me sad.

[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9p5nfy.jpg]

[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9p5ne8.jpg]

[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9p5yr2.jpg]

And the watercolour from the earlier sketch:
[Image: mariabelle_by_eyliana-d9ov22t.jpg]

Personal art review;

For starters I made huge proress to where I was when I started last september/october to where I am now. The portraits are better, have more depth and I have an understanding on how to construct a portrait. Putting that into practice seems to be more difficult though and I know that takes time and practice. But I also have the feeling I'm lacking some fundamentals that limit myself to get futher. So I think it is time to take a step back and focus on that.

Those basic things include:
Perspective; I have a basic understanding from my prodcut design background, but I aws never good at that either so I'll need to fix.
Linework; I have ben trying to work on this the last weeks as warming up exercises.
Observation & Accuracy; Being able to observe better what's going on in a picture and being able to copy this.
Watercolour studies: I really enjoy painting and it is getting better. But the paintings I make are too stroky, and well sometimes just not the thing I want. I'll try to do some studies from life but also other subjects like landscapes so I get a better understanding of how the paint works.

More positive; I subscribed to a drawing and painting course at the university which will start upcoming Monday. Quite exited for that!
And I'll keep trying the portraits, as I do need to see if the new method is working ;).

Landscape painting I did over the course of the last week; I messed up a lot (especially the trees and the tent xD) and learned a lot. Pretty happy with how the sky and the snow turned out. Although the last one is not really visible on the picture.
[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9pwgpj.jpg]

Portrait I have been working on and trying to be more accurate:
[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9pwjdj.jpg]

And some random perspective boxes:
[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9pwgon.jpg]

Wiii stuffs again, cloud studies first:

[Image: 2016_02__06_clouds_by_eyliana-d9qoupj.jpg]

[Image: 2016_02_02_clouds_2_by_eyliana-d9qoupv.jpg]

[Image: 2016_02_02_clouds_by_eyliana-d9qozst.jpg]

[Image: 2016_02_02_washes_by_eyliana-d9qozs6.jpg]

Constructing stuff from Scot Robertson book. Also did a lot of lines and ovals, but I'll spare you guys that.
[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9qp03b.jpg]
[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9qp035.jpg]

hey, great to see you picking up perspective and working on the basics! keep it up, it's so important to make that stuff second nature!

Thanks, yeah it is important. It's utterly boring though :P

Some mirroring lines and a pencil cloud study:
[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9qwfkz.jpg]

[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9qwfjs.jpg]


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