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We had an idea for some forum badges. Big thanks to Mariyan for help on this matter, and Dennis to make it possible on the technical side.

What do you guys think?

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They're gorgeous! Certainly getting the Pokemon Master feels right about now In love

The position below the daggers where it's displayed needs to be tightened, but I'm sure Dennis knows this already n_n

Big thanks to you legends: Piotr, Mariyan, Amit and Dennis.

Here's to enhancing the spirit of the Crimson Crucible!

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feel free to call me Risa  Sun

sketchbook | pg 52
I've come to realise how posting in my daggers sketchbook kept me accountable... I'm going to try to lean into that again and see how I go.
It's about time I train to get a stronger grip on the fundamentals

Looking good!


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