Fort's sketchbook
Yes, I already managed that, thanks :)

[Image: yNGeI93TG80.jpg]
[Image: kWngLeKg0KM.jpg]
[Image: URAyZ7GzNn4.jpg]

Nice sketches & clean painting Anton :)
Man, I love your line quality! Also the rendering of the spiky guy turned out really solid, would love to see more!!

[Image: aFNaODBsE9c.jpg]
[Image: bZ9ONYPJDRA.jpg]
[Image: iToLvMk0fas.jpg]
[Image: n8DxQI9os1E.jpg]

Work complete. Moving on.

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[Image: ASTBDYC3sdQ.jpg]

Some evening doodling.
[Image: X3GJRLjCU7A.jpg]

Great stuff man. nice steady approach and improvement. Your figures are improving, especially the structural line stuff. I also preferred silhouettes for initial characters, but more recently I have realised that I have to end up doing the structural inner stuff with drawing anyway, so I have moved to doing structural drawing alone and I think in the long run for me it's better for overall skill and understanding. Silhouettes are great for quick exploration of overall shape and gesture.

The thing I see is that you haven't been applying the figure study so much to your finished stuff. That spikey chain buy is cool, but the odd pose doesn't really add much to it as it is. Pose is so intrinsic to showing character, so it's good to design it with the character in mind.

The most recent sketch is better! Almost could be usable for the CC :) Keep it up

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(08-27-2016, 02:41 AM)Anton_Fort Wrote: A little thought... This comes through my head from time to time. And this times bring me a hell of a headache because I started to think that a have no progress, that my works will always be on a low lvl no matter what I do and how much I draw. Sometimes I think "Let's draw some stuff!" with exciting inside me, but eventually I started to think that this is all crap and that's why I don't get a job. Don't get me wrong, I am really patient. But, as I said, this comes from time to time. If you have this problems too, then how you managed to get rid of them?

The initial hype can be really motivating, I agree. Negative thoughts will always be there as well, no doubt. 

What encourages me to keep going even in the shittiest moods is thinking about how much time I wasted during high school on games, and asking myself "do I really want the same feeling a few years from now?" I could easily pick up games, animes, instant gratification stuff like that right away and spend months on it alone, no question about it, but having this desperate do or die mindset when it comes to art helps kick me in the ass when I start wondering if I should take a 2 hour nap first.

One of the best feelings is finally understanding something you've struggled so hard to learn. Don't get overwhelmed by not knowing enough, be excited that there's so much to potentially discover.
Amit, I realised recently that silhouettes are good for basics of a character, but I think that I was missing something. And I tried to do some line sketch to understand a pose and design. About not applying a gesture to last work I kind of agree cuz I wanted to show that this character is not to messing around with but also I wanted to show that he has a burden, he is deformed a bit and he has a lot of anger in him. Now when I think about him I understand that I should add a variety to his pose. That's my mistake. About the last sketch - Idk, cuz I feel that Im on the right way but still not what I expected.

Hozure, totally agree. Negative thoughts always be there for us to keep us motivated and hungry for knowledge. Initial problem with this thoughts is that I want to work without realising that I just started to build my folio. Good word about my works is always good and nice to hear, but for me personally appreciation for my pieces is a job. And maybe while I cannot get one this thoughts will be there for me.

Thanks both of you for your feedback.

Hello, Anton_Fort! I've read some comments above (apart from looking at your studies, which are really great) about our daily art struggle, and thought you might want to watch/listen to while drawing. It's some really good stuff, and if you want a shorter version, try the second link.

and second

Cheers, and keep going.

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[Image: FfXNJd8stNM.jpg]

[Image: A6GqtW_Sf50.jpg]

[Image: C6JvQdBLTTY.jpg]

[Image: 4yE2SCeSeEY.jpg]

[Image: i7I6src3Dgc.jpg]

[Image: j8Gds10R398.jpg]

Been a while since I updated my sb. I got migraine for the last 1.5 weeks, so it was very difficult for me to draw. But now Im back to business. So now Im trying to understand my pipeline when Im working and I started to so some color studies. It's actually quite fun with this pipeline - line sketch (or silhouette)-values-color-rendering. But also it's hard cuz values is the basis of everything and when you're add colors the values can be a bit off. So i wanna keep doing these and soon I'll start me own work. I have a couple of characters in mind. 

[Image: lFc_JsQK88Q.jpg]

[Image: 6syIZdwdxAM.jpg]

Will some of your characters be participating CC7? Hmm? Hmm?

[Image: kncOGfQ.gif]

It's debatable whether or not what you're trying to achieve is indeed impossible. One thing's for sure: it's impossible to defeat a person who doesn't know how to quit.
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No, cuz CC7 is about illustration.

Here is a bunch of anatomy studies, forgotten gesture drawings and some sketches i did recently. Also doing some color studies but it takes way more time. C&C are appreciated :)
[Image: 5tItEYwE-7A.jpg][Image: J0bhsq_VEr8.jpg]
[Image: 44xjSZBkYG8.jpg][Image: kbc8YKS9kNc.jpg]
[Image: 221jXU34-xg.jpg]
[Image: rHU0mR4iahw.jpg]

till on my anatomy studies. Really hard to apply this. So after my studies i was hoping to continue to draw my character but something went wrong and mission to apply this was a complete fail. Also I need to be much faster and more confident. A lot of stuff to work with.

[Image: nbQ3QVSMqw8.jpg]
[Image: TgF5yzHoGYk.jpg]
[Image: BoK6-1AZCzo.jpg]
[Image: rY3UorpDvAo.jpg]

Hello there, really nice looking sketchbook and very nice improvement over time I must say. Your silhouettes are really strong and they stand really well. If I could give you some advice is that I notice two things that you could improve, first one being that as mentioned before your colours seem a bit desaturated and not so life like maybe next time try and introduce some variations (maybe exaggerate a bit) on warm and cool colours :), second one is that your faces need some work but I think you are doing great improvement! Can't wait to see more from you :D

Thanks for feedback! Female face is a problem for me still, but i'll try to improve that. Also about colors I'm still learning how to exaggerate, I'll improve on that too. Thanks again!

[Image: kMGwJqLkBeM.jpg]
[Image: GsYX1cFMN3M.jpg]
[Image: KX8Z11rY69w.jpg]

Second try.
[Image: TO1kbMMeWAw.jpg]

So this is my disaster for today. Need to work more.
[Image: wJJNiIzaxNo.jpg]


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