Dwarf Character
Hello friends. I'm drawing this shifty looking dwarf and I really want to get it to a good level of finish. So... I wondered if anybody out these has any comments or criticisms or words of advice to get him over the line. I'm up for anything regarding design, colours, rendering etc... Thanks!

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Hey did a paintover and crit on my stream today! hope it helps :)


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Hey so I made some progress on my dwarf. Getting there! Corrected a bunch of perspective issues (hopefully) slowly redrawing / repainting most of it.

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Hi Grimmrobe! First of all, I coud just swear I did post a reply on your topic before, so if by chance you are seeming this previous message, please ignore this one. In the case I'm actually going crazy and I did not post previously, I'll just try to reproduce my tougths on your painting (again, I guess).
First of all, it's a really cool character you have here! I love the bulky grumpy dwarf structure, and I did laught out loud when I scrolled down to see those little legs and feet!  I a funny twist, since dwarfs are generally represented having huge heavy feet.

I think it's great that you changed the posture and gesture of the pose from the first painting. He did look a bit greedy, almost mischivieous, like he's hiding something on his hand. Now he looks more powerful and brute.

Another thing I think that could help you right now is to take a look at the bounce lights that you have here. A surface as shiny and specular as his white beard would capture a lot of the colors from other elements, such as his bright blue clothes. Take a look at some references of a beard as big as that, or even look at someone's hair and see how colors get captured inside all of those tiny lines that define the hair. Together, they create a mass of color that you can use. Colored light would also bounce between his clothes and even his skin. It would also be lovely to have some subsurface scattering showing through his ear! (Like this https://sandrachangadair.files.wordpress...269&crop=1 )

Fianlly, maybe you could play a little bit with the edges of this painting, making them softer as they fade in the distance. For example, the left side of his face would have sharper edges when compared to his right side, and even with his righ arm and feet, and everyhting that is farther away and it's not the focus of your painting. I do love this article about edges: http://muddycolors.blogspot.com.br/2015/...edges.html

Hope this helps! I'm looking foard to see more of this dwarf!

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