How do you use your Wacom tablet?
I own a Wacom Bamboo tablet and I put it between me and my laptop on my desk.
In Photoshop, my lines and circles are very wobbly... I have tried other softwares and the results are the same.
I noticed that I only use my fingers to move the stylus. 
I draw very slowly every attempt of line or circle as I do with paper and pencil but the results are crap (digitally).

So, title: 
How to you use your Wacom tablet? 
What is the position of your body/arm in relation of your tablet/screen?

Thanks in advance!
You shouldn't have wobbly lines.
To start, make sure you have the mapping to pen mode, full screen area, full tablet area, and force proportions on.

A good way to test the tablet it is to use a ruler on top of the tablet, draw lines at different speeds and see the results.
Same with a coin for circles.
Then you will know if its your hand or the pc who is wobbly.

If its your hand, its your brain trying to make corrections to the path of the line. Check for the ghosting method and drills to train it.

Because of the ratio tablet size to screen size, every correction you make gets augmented on the screen.
Try to use the precision mode, you have to assign it to one of the wacom buttons shortcuts. You can reduce that ratio.

For positioning I would say, at least have your forearm/elbow rested on the table. For the tablet itself you can have it in between the monitor and you or to the side, whatever is more comfortable to your arm as long as you can have the elbow resting.

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