Codo - Sketchbook.
Hello everyone.
I’m Codo, and this is my sketchbook. 
I was looking for an art community and i'm liking the work i'm seeing here.
My goal is to make great digital paintings with stylized characters and an dramatic flair. 
I want to improve my technique and communication so that i can translate ideas from old books into wonderful pictures.
But i'm still a student and my technique needs to improve a lot. I hope that i can improve by setting some subgoals and getting advice from the people around here. 

Right now i have 3 sub goals.

1: To make stylized character without throwing the anatomy out of the window. 
2 : To improve my forms.     
3 : To make better simpler value composition where there is less detail and more emphasis on the thing i want to tell. 
Here is some work i did. 

A prince who is fascinated by maps. 
[Image: kaart_kijken_nuu_min.jpg]

The job i'm doing to get some money.

[Image: 14359626_10154523090024819_1136047660_o.jpg]

Some studies i did. 

Rembrand Belshazzar's feast.

[Image: study.jpg]

Study Gericault and John Raynes.

[Image: DSC05161.jpg]

[Image: DSC05164.jpg]

Really quick form studies from sargent paintings. 

[Image: sargent_shapes_2.jpg]

Study from a  photo.

[Image: world_studyyy11.jpg]

And a work in progress where i honestly dont know what to do with the colors and lighting.
[Image: psd_colorrr11111111_bak_Copy.jpg]

If you see ways i could improve, know exercises or books that could help me or just want to say something in general please do! 
Now if you excuse me, i'm gonna check out some other sketchbooks on this forum!
Hey there Codo - good start to your sketchbook here :).

On your Prince Reading A Map piece not sure how stylistic vs realistic you're trying to be but if you wanted a more realistic head - I would study Loomis Drawing The Head And Hands - you'll find the PDF for free in the public domain - just do a search.

Keep it going dude :).

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CD Sketchbook

Hi, thanks for dropping by my sketchbook! :)

Yeah, drawing nature can be tricky, somehow the human brain is wired to go for regularity and symmetry - just force yourself to break it up, to create lumps and gaps, even if it goes against your instinct at first. If it's a linedrawing, don't close all the outlines, don't be afraid to let the line break - and vary the linewidth if possible. Hope that helps!


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