Magda's WIPs, sketches & studies
Hi guys!

I intend to post all of my stuff that's not portfolio work here: WIPs, sketches and speed-paints done without reference, and studies done with reference. I'd love to know what you think about my stuff! Please, write whatever comes to your mind, be it constructive criticism or random thoughts. In case you're interested, here's my introduction thread.

To start the day off, here's a recent speed-paint (2016-10-04) done for Facebook Daily Spitpaint group. The theme was 'Stop the thief!', 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I ran out of time, so Jerry's face looks nothing like him.

Here's a WIP of a commissioned T-shirt graphic design I'm working on. Ugh, hate making vector graphics.

Hello and welcome :)

I quite like the approach on the first one, the technique you're using to get values right seems to be working well. I love that simplicity. Keep this up!

Pozdrawiam z Krakowa :)

Thank you, Piotr! Rendering and values are things that I struggle with. With that piece, I tried to push shading and implementing ambient light colours with broad, soft brush-strokes and lasso-tool. Also, this workflow helps me not to get caught up in details at early stages of the work.

Pozdrawienia z Warszawy ^^
I'm experiencing some health issues at the moment, hence the lack of activity. Here's a drawing of a friend of mine (she looks like a buff Disney princess irl). It was inspired by THIS (click).

Some loose animal studies.

First attempt at sculpting; damn, it's completely different than what I usually do. Still, I had a lot of fun with this exploratory 3D sketch. Next time I'll probably try working with refs and a ready-made base, like a DAZ figure.


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