Stuttering in Clip Studio Paint
Question for people who use Clip Studio Paint: how do you usually set your brushes to prevent stuttering?

In Photoshop, I can paint with fairly complex brushes that are 2000 px wide and it is still smooth, albeit with a bit of lag. In Clip, anything other than a round brush will stutter above 800 px, with more complex brushes stuttering above 300 px.

Recently I've been working on fairly large resolutions for print, so this has been very noticeable and annoying. I've been through all the guides I can possibly find online, in both English and Chinese but nothing really worked. Wondering if this is just how it is, or if there is something in the program I've missed, perhaps something new that has been added to Clip that isn't covered in the troubleshooting guides I found online?
I use CSP and get stuttering with large brushes too.

Have you seen this article?

I haven't had chance to try it out yet but I will try at some point and report back.

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Yeah, I tried everything I can (except for the settings exclusive to Mac).

I've pretty much played with every brush setting one by one to see which ones are the most taxing as well. Sadly, all the ones I love kills my machine (adding texture, watercolour effects, etc). :P Only the basic round brush with nothing but pressure sensitivity controlling brush size is smooth.

In Photoshop, it's just a delay as the computer tries to figure out where the brush should go. Everything is smooth. In Clip, the stuttering noticeably affects the strokes I make. Don't know if you have a similar experience?


Ah well. Hopefully Celsys optimizes Clip better in the future...

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