Photoshop corrupt file
Hey fellow Daggers|

It´s the second time i´m working my tail off on a piece, the computer crashes while saving the image in Photoshop and when i open it, it either becomes black and with a line of red or as it is happenng, does not open the file and says " Could not open...not compatible with this version of Photoshop".

Do you guys know any solution to repair a PSD file? Tried Krita, Gimp, no effect, tried a few softwares and are either paid or don´t solve the problem.


The file sounds like it is corrupted. Haven't tried any of the "repair corrupted PS files" tools to comment on those.

You can first try locating and opening the temp backup file. Depending on your version of windows, do a google search on where that temp directory for PS is. Then find the file with the same name as your corrupted file and see if it opens up. Might be an older version but at least the layer structure would be intact.

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Thanks for the reply Amit. I´ve tried it but it did not work. I guess i´ve lost the work and next time i´ll make a copy file just for safeguard :/


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