help with my site,

I while back (2+ years) I was looking to improve my figure drawing skills, my goal was to draw the human figure without reference (still not there). There were a bunch of sites for references, but I found posemaniacs and I liked it a lot. I thought wouldn’t it be cool if the poses had more character and detail. I decide to make something that I wanted. I made it, figurosity. It offers, what I have to say, is an amazing random pose generator. I made it, so I think highly of it :). It also has a 360° viewer with dressed, nude, muscle and smooth views, flipped views and lockable poses. 

The problem is that I have been making this site for me, and I am afraid I haven’t been making it for what other people want. 

I would love to know what you think about the site, what I am doing wrong and what I am doing right. 

I made the site subscription so I could keep it running, but message me after you sign up and I will bump your free trial a couple of weeks so you can check it out longer.

Thanks and I really appreciate your help.

Hey James,
first off, great work on the site, being proactive and trying to fill a need for artists. My personal impression, from a brief look at the poses and site, bring up one major issue which would keep me from using your site. That issue is, the poses are all 3d models and appear to be posed by someone rather than being from any natural motion. Often the hands and fingers in particular exhibit strange configurations and sometimes the poses capturing motion seem posed rather than a snapshot of actual motion taking place.

Basically, for study purposes I would always pick a photographed real model to study from, because it's more beneficial and natural. If I was to use 3d reference for a pose as a professional, I would simply create a custom pose myself in Daz or something like that to fit my needs.

There are probably avenues you can develop the platform from my feedback that might help to address the needs of more advanced/professional artists, so i hope that helps.
great work and good luck!

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