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Hello, I'm pretty new to this forum but would like to get some criticism on the piece I'm doing
I don't know if my perspective is off or if my anatomy is off especially on the girl? So I'm trying to figure stuff out before I fully commit into it

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Okay let's see, I'm not the best at this sort of thing but I'll try nudging you in the right direction.

So looking first at the buildings, if I'm not mistaken this is 3 point perspective. What I noticed here though was that the buildings on the right side have lines that never converge.

[Image: jA1SEev.jpg]

So the right side buildings at best have to be slightly skewed for it to form correctly. You can understand how it would look correctly if you cut off the left building, flip it and paste it on the right side. It's a slight difference.

As for the character, her perspective is off. If I had to tackle placing her in this scene I'd go at it by encompassing the character in this box:

[Image: UbRTTUG.jpg]

With that in mind, hopefully you can start visualizing how she's supposed to look. If you take out the background and draw a box around the character following her perspective, you'll most likely see that it doesn't match the one the buildings hint at.

I'd have to research a bit to see it for myself because this isn't my forte but I know I've read this method used for extreme shots like these.

Hope this helps.

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