Hello I'm new
Hi, I'm bunnyvoid

I'm mostly a hobbyist artist but the past year i began to take commissions rather seriously and want to improve from there. I mostly do 3D environment stuff for some indie visual novel teams and draw some anime styled characters for myself... I've heard of crimson daggers before through dave rapoza level up interview by fusroda but only joined now, after coming across bobby chiu's interview of dave rapoza...

My biggest issue atm is that I always try to learn fundamentals of 2d art but a couple of months after, I burn out, focus on my day time job instead, make excuses, play video games, do 3d instead because its my comfort zone, write stories, do other stuff, watch youtube, comes across an art video, then gain interest in art fundamentals again. the cycle repeats. 

the past year, i found out I have a heart disease. Suddenly i have this fear that the unfinished characters, stories, and worlds i have created will haunt me even after death... Its weird but its a legitimate fear... 

Additionally, my commissions were going steady and most of my clients encouraged me to capitalize on my 3d skills and learn how to paint over my works so I can offer a more diverse set of styles for them to use.

tldr. since a lot has happened to me last year, for 2018, I want to take it seriously

i'm outdated so i still use my deviantart https://bunnyvoid.deviantart.com/... its full of really old anime attempts and 3d environment renders and sometimes fundamental practice

thanks, i hope i'm welcome here... that's all...
Hello and welcome to the forum!

I'm extremely sorry to hear about your condition. If some advice could help for your art, since you said that you burnout after a while maybe start taking more breaks inbetween and not taking the practice so seriously. It sounds like you might stress yourself out a bit too much with your art.

Either way, welcome and hope we can help!
Thanks @Swordticus Trying to balance breaks and practice sounds helpful, maybe i'll try out a few strategies from this community.

Thanks for having me again, i think I'll learn a lot from this community, i've been browsing everywhere.
Good to have you aboard Bunnyvoid :).

Getting serious about art and having a different full time job can be tough man. I am struggling with finding a balance myself but what I am finding helpful is to not let my art passion consume me. Instead I have goals in various areas of my life that help to give me balance (spiritual health, mental health, physical health, relationships, finances and art).

Also, I have found the following thread on here useful:


Good luck with your stuff, looking forward to seeing more posts from you :).

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