Hello everyone!
Hey guys, I'm Mario/TokyoNova. 

I'm 21 and currently live in the UK. Used to study Biology at a University in London but I decided to withdraw 2 years in, as I didn't enjoy the subject anymore and had a strong desire to pursue art instead. 

Like most of you here, I'm currently trying to put in the time and effort to become a better artist and hopefully in a few years, become a professional Concept Artist/Illustrator - whether it's Environment or Character Design, I'll have to find out which I prefer later along the road.

I'm not a total beginner but I think I'm still quite a novice at drawing and digital painting, so I'm currently trying to do various different studies every day to improve in the majority of fundamentals as fast as I can. 

Decided to join this forum so I can have somewhere to upload and document my progress over the course of a few years, until I get my first freelance job. But also to receive much-needed critique and harsh feedback so I can improve - so honestly please don't hold back in telling me my studies are shit and what I need to improve on.

Here http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-8451.html is my Sketchbook I recently started and will update every week! Also my IG https://www.instagram.com/tokyonova/.

Looking forward to learning and progressing with everyone on here!
Hey welcome to Crimson Daggers Mario :).

Love your avatar painting - really nice job.

I was listening to a pod cast a while back that said the fast as way to learn something was to find the things that give you the biggest impact and focus on those. For me that means fundamentals - perspective, construction, light and colour. Sounds like you're on a good path already.

Good luck!

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