Are These Worth Finishing, Or Should I Start Over?
Not sure if these are worth continuing due to the lack of design, other things feel wrong but, that I can't figure out. Any criticism or advice is appreciated, thanks!

Short answer - yes. Elaboration - Only if you feel like it. 

As a viewer I see potential for some good folio pieces, but it is obvious you've started with a sketch and chose to take some focal areas further but then stopped. As you said, they're lacking in 'design' or just general structure. Interesting poses, gesture and such. Nothing that can't be amended digitally before continuing.

"Your art has same face syndrome"

"Yeah, and yours has same tits syndrome, you don't see anyone complaining..."
Thanks, RottenPocket! You're on the money with the lack of pose/gesture, so I've decided to just to practice gesture drawing for a while. These pieces will probably be abandoned.


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