Kahze's Sketchbook
Hey Daggers. 

I've known about this forum for years and pondered about starting a sketchbook thread but never did. Today, that changes. 

I like to draw characters and environments, but I haven't really decided what I like the most. As far as characters go, I have a bent towards anthropomorphic stuff. What I do know is that the quality of my art has been kinda stagnant and I long to get as good as some of the artists at Riot Games some day. I love the splash images they make for their characters. My life has been pretty devoid of actual studies and in some of my past images I've found that I've been using 3D modeling as a crutch. 

I'm changing that by committing to some art classes here in NYC where I'm taking anatomy and life drawing sessions every week day, and that'll hopefully get me started down the path of self improvement. 

Well, here's some of my previous art to kick things off! I'll post my studies from today when I get'em done.

[Image: HRhqtIr.jpg]

[Image: Wl7HKQi.jpg]

[Image: UYjFYMe.jpg]

[Image: dNhel8z.jpg]

[Image: OQhSEfN.jpg]

[Image: pyIJhXi.jpg]

[Image: eusRzPg.jpg]

[Image: yxBevDw.jpg]

[Image: VkzEUtw.jpg]

[Image: yD1rY64.jpg]

[Image: RPFXCwR.jpg]
Yes this start looking riotish keep doing you.

Oooh, nice, I'm loving those full colour illustrations! Somehow, the traditional sketches don't seem to be up to the same standard - not sure what exactly is missing, but you're probably on the right track with anatomy and life drawing, the figures appear to be a weak point.

Great start to the sketchbook, I really like your style. Looking forward to more!


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