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This is week two of my studies. This week I focused on scenery and landscapes (Plus one painting that sums up my experiences for the previous week) from great artists such as Clyde Aspvig and James E. Reynolds. Unfortunately landscapes are my weakness. I'll post them just the same.  I'm not sure where my faults lay, I understand that painting is a design first, colours second and details at the very very last but I still cant get the hang of it. Could it be that I'm trying to force detail, or perhaps I'm not letting my brush work for me? Any help will be appreciated.

  The paintings are as follows: An original, two Clyde Aspvig studies follow by a James E. Reynolds.

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These are the References Used

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I got a suggestion for you learn to work on the same scale as the reference and try to not zoom in.This will practice you brush control.Work from the back to the front.For example start with the sky than the mountain than to paint the to the front element of the scene remember that you can separate the element of the scene in layers to have a better control if needed and you can also merge those layer if you need to.
What i mean by separate is you create a layer for the major element overlapping.

You want to see the two image at the same time just leave enought space on the screen to use the tool bar you need.

I don't have much to say about those study if you don't mention if there finish or in progress.

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Thanks for Responding So quickly! Unfortunately I already do those thing you have suggested, this type of work really isnt my strong suit! =D

Getting back to your question, this is far as i can go without some assistance. So yes, its "finished."
So what the mission of the study?I mean there 9000 thing we could say it hard to critique when there no work to compare it too so i think my advice is to start a sketchbook here.So that we can get a broader idea of the fundamental you might be leaking in general.

I suggest that you limit the range of fundamental you want to be critique on or else you might recieve critique that are unrelevant to what you trying to problem solve.

Sure sometime getting any kind of critique is fine. but you see what i did i tried but it wasn't the kind of critique you were exactly looking for so try to be bit more precise so you we can help you get the center of the problem.

My apologize. I will keep painting then create a sketchbook later on.
(04-21-2018, 01:59 PM)Chicken Wrote: My apologize. I will keep painting then create a sketchbook later on.

It perfectly fine there a learning curve for everything even learning how to ask for constructive critism we are not immune to being human i wish you the best.Hope to see that sketchbook soon.

Thank-you and thank you for being so kind

(sorry If I came off a little disappointed, I assuredly did not mean to) =D

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