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Hi everyone. I am looking for some critique or feedback. I had an assignment for environment design class where I have to pick a word and make an environment that promotes that emotion only through shapes and values, no characters. The point is for the environment to help strengthen the message without relying on character and emotions. I am having   a very tough time with this and before I continue with my homework I was wondering if I could get some feedback on it? Do you feel it conveys the emotion? (keep in mind these are not pieces meant to be rendered, they are sketches, they are not using edges/blurs as part of the design).

Much appreciated.

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Remember to use size and shape and mostly value to convey the mood.
I can allready tell there an error of perspective in the anxiety one.
I think the overall value of the anxity piece is to light.I would make sure that the alley seem like there no way out.
For the adventure one i would say it not really clear what is way i would make sure to separate the element in value to give them more read.I think the overall piece is too dark.From this seen when think of an adventure of a scene with alot of atphospheric deth and overlap.
The last one i don't see any connection to the mood your trying to convey i think you would need to change to the word solitary.

It would be interesting to see you do some thumbnail next time.You normally can solve problem that way before investing too much time.

You really should be using reference. Don't hesitate to straight up paint from it.

Do 10 simplified copies of movie stills or old masters to slowly start to learn about composition. To be honest, it is very obvious that you haven't painted from life enough, to make up your own things. Do that too. Do a stilllife right now. then 10 simplified copies and then make a reference-board for your next try.

Thank you both very much for the advise, I´ll be quick to apply it.

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