Hello :) !

I'm a french artist, 27 years old currently, I finished my studies about two years ago and did some small job and internship in 3D . I quit 3D in order to focus solely on drawing and painting, and I'm going to post my studies and progress here in hope to get better and because drawing alone in a cave can feel a bit lonely sometimes.

I look forward to meet with your community and hope we can exchange in order to improve, in joy and smelly oil painting .
That aside, i'm a fantasy and sci lovers, I v been playings a lot of game too and my name is issued from baldurs gate series.

So here are my deviant art and artstation for old works :


and somes recent studies


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Welcome aboard. I am new here myself. In fact, I am new to digital art and other than occassional doodles or portraits I really haven't done much drawing. I come from a background in sculpting, but I am focusing on drawing and painting (digital) now.

You have some beautiful work here. I am looking forward to seeing more of your posts.
Welcome to Crimson Daggers Baldgate :).

Nice studies there, I'm loving the painterly stokes.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work mon ami!

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CD Sketchbook

Shinkasuru : Thanks you! I can relate to that, I just come out of one years of intensive digital sculpting . I feel that it will probably help us read shadow and light .

Artloader : Thank you for the kind words, in my native language no less !! :D

Going to check both of your sketchbook... and try to keep mine updated !

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