Christian’s Sketchbook
So, I’m without a tablet. All I’ve got at my disposal are a set of mech. pencils, a beginners’ set of Crayola watercolors, post-its and a sketchbook.

I’ve got a vision in mind for the sort of work I’d like to make, but lack the means at present to bring that to life. The long-term goal is to get a career as a comic book artist. I have some ambitions to do things a little differently (mostly with how interior comic art is colored/painted), so I might go for a career as a colorist, but ideally, I want to do all the art. I want to find a middle ground between the solid/tangible/dynamic feel of Dave’s “painterly”, realistic technique and the more exaggerated/energetic stylized technique with which we’re most familiar in the contemporary comic book.

For now, I’m going to get things started with some rough/basic sketches on post-its to jot down the idea for images I’d very much like to push further, and we’ll go from there!

Thanks for joining me!


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Huge FMA fan, would like to do my own interpretation/series for the property.

Here’s just the start.

Edward Elric:

Alphonse Elric:

Love the Ed drawing, keep posting man, keep us updated on your journey.

Nice lighting on these sketches dude.

Keep it going :)

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CD Sketchbook


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