Raz's Sketchbook

Really great face studies, reminds me to work on my own. =) awesome stuff.

Thanks dwalkerart !



This is a piece of solid work you have here. Love the way you applying your studies. You could pay more attention to edges. This way your work will feel more realistic. Keep it up xd

Thanks ramalooke! Will try to watch out for those edges.

Hey Raz! Great sketchbook man!
I love your rendering. It's beautiful and smooth. Your faces studies are awesome too! Don't be afraid to dig a bit more of contrast there once you're happy with the sketch - use a softer lead and be happy, they will look awesome!

And oh, if I can give you a tip?
You do this on your photo studies, but I see it's lacking on your pieces: think of shadows of the greater areas before the small ones.
Here is a quick paintover to show what I mean:

[Image: PO-01.jpg]

before thinking of the shadow of each scale, think where the BODY will cast shadow - how the arm, the wing, the leg, as a cilinder will cast shadow - what part of the tail will be in shadow, and so on. After that you can still render "local" volumes, but they need to read like they are all in shadow and receiving way less light than the ares that are, in fact, directly lit.

Hope that made sense!

Thanks for the tip Sula. Makes a lot of sense, and it makes things easier :D.


Nice work in here, keep working away on them studies. ps - I really like all those faces up top.

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Nice going here! dont neglect those gesture studies and things from life / photos too

Thanks Jonesoda! I got to get back into studies. Just wanted to finish what i started :).
Thanks kidult! Will try to do some gestures in the near future.


Hey, those pencils and heads are looking great. However, I would like to see you using more colors while painting (think about bounced light) as well as atmospheric perspective to indicate depth.
Try doing photo ref studies of lizards with color picker, you will be amazed how many colors are actually there :) Keep up the good work!

Good job with the fantasy stuff, keep going! : )

Thanks iCi. I don't know about color picking. Kinda feels like cheeting, but i'm gonna try it once :d.
Thanks Isra!

Dont worry about cheating as long as you learn something ;) . Its not like you will try to sell it for a thousand bucks. Just give it a try, and see what colors are out there, it will be helpful. And, of course, dont overuse it :P . Do a few and then get back to normal, honest* ones :P

You don't need to use the colors you picked and paint - just open a photo and use the color picker to study the myriad of hues and intensity, you will be suprised!
Later, try to emulate this :) It's hard when you start, but quite fun when you get a hold of it.

Keep posting :D

Thanks Sula! Got to try that too :D.


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