Raz's Sketchbook
Nice job with the studies, those are looking great and they will really help you improve. I think with the colorstudies, I don't know if you have done it, but you should maybe check out some actual colors from the reference after you have painted the picture. There are some differencies with colortones even if the form is about correct.

But anyhow nice going, keep it up dude!

cool, you are doing all the right stuff. Keep it up!

Thanks for stopping by guys!
@Vablo i had that idea in my mind, but i didn't do it. But if i check the colors like that, should i change them in my study? or just be somenthing that i should be aware of for the next one ?

A still life :

And a potrait

And with some changes afeter using the color picker to figure out some colors


Great amount of studies and sketches you've got going.
One thing I'd comment on is the color in your flesh tones.
You mentioned color picking which is not a bad idea, but don't be afraid to take the color pick and adjust it a bit to have more red/orangish hue. I say this because some of the skin is coming off really goldish.

Keep up the pace.
really nice studyes here!

if i may, i'll tell you a little something that helped me a lot:
i see you make a thon of photo copies, and your rendering is getting pretty good! but i'd recommend you to change up from photos to master copies. i think that you'll grow a lot more with those!
start up with velazquez, crop some of his figures or portraits, and copy them. try to think what he was looking for, see how he solved his problems. how he got the skin tone right, how he rendered shape, what did he push back, what did he gave more attention? look for that in the masters work and apply that to you, see what works for you!

i believe you'll benefit from it. see ya later!

Thank you JasonR and Pedro Cardoso for the tips. I am definitely gonna try the color pick thing and do some master studies, been wanting to do some for a while but I've been putting them off for some reason.

Robot :

It's been a while, but i'm getting back to it.
A Diego Velazquez study :D:

Some armor and a dragon. Trying to do the monster hunter challange.

Some more armor :







Oh wow! Excellent, excellent pencil work on the studies! That last one is coming out pretty sweet too. Hope to see it finished.

great studies man, i got do some stuff like this too, specially on faces
on ur last post, i think her head is a bit smaller than it should be, and her body might be a bit oddly deformed, but mostly the head i think, again great works :)

feel free to say horrible things bout me :P
Excellent sketchbook man, I'm trying to push myself to do more studies too and get more motivated. Your stuff is very inspiring and I think will benefit my motivation keep it rolling!
Hey thanks guys. Her head i guess it does look a little small, maybe i can fix it one i render her some more.


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