Hey everyone!
Hey everyone, I'm atannyboy and I've recently became good enough in my work to post stuff here. I've been drawing for a while, mainly focused on human figures and anatomy. I know that I don't have to reach a standard to be able to post work but I also think that it's the right time for be to accept critiques on my work and improve as an artist.

A bit more about me, I'm in my late 20's although someone did say this year that I look like I'm 16! xD I have a background in engineering, having studied and completed Mechatronics Engineering. Although I'm also doing another degree in Game Programming. Who knows where that will lead me - but my overall goal in life is to become a YouTuber and educate people about making games and the amount of work that goes into creating a simple scene, gameplay or mechanic.

Apart from that strong interest in game development, I have a passion for traditional animation and making people move. Hopefully if I do pass these two semesters this year, I'll be able to show some of my game work in my senior years. I hope that I'll be able to build on the foundational knowledge of drawing and teach other artists some of my skills and techniques, some of which I'll be learning on this forum I'm sure!

Apart from all of that, I play music by ear and can also write stories and good poetry. My full profile and tweets can be found at my twitter page: twitter.com/atannyboy. It is nice meeting you and I hope that I'll be in touch with some of you soon! :D
These are some figure sketches I did a while back.


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