LUSO's Sketchbook
Here is some of what I've managed to create with this weird hands of mine. I think I did pretty well today.

[Image: 2851696410642721327.png]

[Image: 5303347101986117066.png]

What do you people think? Any comments or critiques?
Welcome good thing you posted a few image to start.
Anything else we can have a look at?
No particular fundamental seem to be weaker than the rest atm.
One thing concerning the hand each finger have different lenght. There is a small web between the finger.So make sure your aware of this when drawing hand that the first tips not that your hand are to bad anyways.

I recommend you show use a few drawing of hand since it almost always one of the subject people avoid drawing.Maybe we will able to share more tips on that subject.

Lastly no to interfer on your style or anything but it would be a good thing if you would draw more eye realistically in a none manga fashion it gonna help you to learn to simplify them and adapt them to your own liking.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.

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