Ash Sketchbook

Day 1: ring

Ha yes, it's October! OK, I may start the inktopus thing too, thanks for the nudge.
Welcome on board!

Day 2: mindless, also "pumpkin" from Drawlloween list (by SariSpy56)

Leo Ki, cool!
Day 3 & 4: blood + vampire

Day 5: witch + build

and trying out gouache

Merging two October challenges for an extra challenge, wow!
I like your physical ink and the witch's expression.
Will take the time to get into the poem when my headache is gone ^^

Day 6: skeleton

Day 7: fairy + enchanted

Day 8: clown + frail

Leo Ki, thanks!
So I took the time to read the Dragonfruit poem aloud at a quiet time, it's quite mesmerizing. It's yours, right?
I'm having trouble understanding your Inktober 8, sorry about that. Care to explain?

Day 9: swing
Day 10: pattern (from reference)
Day 11: scarecrow + snow

The cat's quite comfy in that scarecrow:
Once november leaves
snow in place of leave
you still here
so happy, no fear

Day 12: dragon: seadragon  (from reference)

Leo, yes, I tend to come up with ideas that are bigger than what I can draw, but this month I'm gonna go with what inspires me, instead of what I can pull of technically, so I included it even though that felt a bit scary, so thanks for the nice words!

That inktober is very messy, but I kinda had that image pop into my head...
It's kind of like this: the jester stands for creativity, cusiosity, being daring and being in the moment,  the (his) child is an idea, the artist  is crumpling his drawings, knocking over his inkwell and not even noticing the child, the flow of the ink represents the idea of 'flow', but gone wrong.
The child, she's not hurt, but  I should make that more clear, maybe have her go back to the jester at the end.
Some more inktober day 12, this time raven + dragon.

Inktober day 13: ash

Did you paint over the black or subtract from the black to do the face in number 13?

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
Great mood in your inktober 13 - and with a day-before flashback or continuity in it even. Also, I like how your mixing two challenges generates even richer ideas such as the hibernating cat. Inktober 9 has its own swing, and Inktober 10 would deserve its own poem too :)

Going with what inspires you may be the straightest way to tackle and absorb the technical challenges the fastest way - that's what I do although it might be the exact opposite to a well rounded training.

Inktober day 14: poisened apple + overgrown (Snowwhite, her glass coffin getting overgrown with tree roots)

Darktiste, I started with black, then a white blob for the hair and face, and then kept sculpting back and forth with black and white. It's all in 1 layer, the sharp edges is where I erased with the other color.

Leo, thanks!
Inktober day 15: legend (copy from reference)

Inktober day 16: voodoo doll + wild

inktober day 17: zombie + ornament
The flower is a calla lily, which is associated with resurrection and rebirth, and with the raven I thought this could represent zombie resurrection. I thought this person could keep getting out of his grave, and then in his photo he 'd look more like a zombie each time people would burry him (he looks too much like a vampire though, I also messed up the bird anatomy). 
inktober day 18: misfit + crystal
inktober day 19: mummy (copy from movie 'The Mummy')


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