Hey there
Hello there~

I go online by the name of Nievaris.
I'm 31, coming from Austria (small country in the heart of Europe - not the big island with kangaroos :D) and I've been drawing on and off for like 15 years., starting with FanArt of diverse Anime stuff and then finding the furry fandom with about 20 years.

Drawing had always been a big part in my life but I never considered making my career with it because I never thought that without a sort of degree in arts and such I couldn't do it until a friend told me that it is possible and that it's only about your portfolio. I had been 25 then and already felt old for changing direction and becoming an artist instead of a teacher xD

At the moment I'm working in a small company  but it's more graphic design instead of art and I've decided to try and go freelancing next spring.

I'm more of an animal/fantasy artist without much human stuff going on but I want to change that :D
Here's my DA-Portfolio: http://kathrinfuger.daportfolio.com/
And also my ArtStation link: https://www.artstation.com/nievaris

Next on my schedule learning wise is perspective as well as landscapes and backgrounds in general to not have my characters floating around all the time ;D

nice to meet you all ^^/)
Hey welcome to Crimson Daggers Nievaris :).

I had a look through your portfolios, nice work :) I especially love the Thor wolf guy :).

If you are looking to improve on human anatomy I would definitely check out Proko's YouTube channel.

For perspective stuff I have used Scott Robertson's How To Draw and also the drawabox.com site and would recommend them.

Nice to meet you too and good luck with your art journey :).

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