SaltySpook's Sketchbook
Hey there, figured I'd get this started. I'm self taught so far and looking to further myself an artist. I typically draw with the mouse so I'm kinda bound to the tools I work with. 
Here's my work so far, I've mostly focused on 3d form and lighting. Planning on starting material studies soon. 

[Image: bsWEYlQ.png]
[Image: O3H3WiY.png]
[Image: 6Mr02Qs.png]
First time trying out painted normal maps ^
[Image: m60nB4M.png]
[Image: 0oDsrUq.png] <- video of normals in action on a mushroom I drew.

[Image: 1DmPWSz.png]
And a good reference image if you want to do it yourself. 
[Image: 5nOCq34.png]
Sphere I drew.
[Image: 5t1Vpiv.jpg]
^ Wip I never finished.
[Image: bKoCEhM.png]
And lastly a pizza man wip. Drawn freehand with the line tool because mypaint doesn't have good tools for construction.

That's it for now!
Nice start man, although I would suggest you pick yourself up a graphics tablet if you want to do digital art. Save yourself from RSI!

There are also a number of freeware tools for digital art such as an older version of Photoshop, Krita, GIMP and for 3D stuff - Blender.

God speed!

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