My Introduction!
Hi there, my name is Lukas.  

I'm presently 17 years old and have come here from a 2-year-old Bobby Chiu live stream where Dave Rapoza was the featured guest. I'm really eager to achieve my art goals but I often fall into the trappings of good ol' fashioned laziness and excuses. I'm here to finally hold myself accountable, break the cycle and work hard.

As of the moment my goal, like with a lot of people, is to get into the games industry as an Illustrator. I have less trouble rendering and than drawing, and perspective has proven to be a bit of a bitch to learn. My anatomy is still kind of janky and all over the place and my poses and proportions are super stiff. 

One by one, drawing by drawing, painting by painting, I will get rid of as many of these flaws as I can and I hope you can all support me in my doing so.

Much love from Canada and tootles for now!  

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Hey Horses, good to see another newbie here! Definitely wish I had started practicing when I was your age. Good luck on your art journey!
Welcome to Crimson Daggers HorseSaysQuack :) looking forward to sharing the journey with you :).

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