could not pick a title
Did not know what to write in the title, so I figured better to write something than a blank screen :)

Hello everybody, I am an eastern European student (in an unrelated field), 21 years old. I discovered this forum when looking for art communities, but many that seem to have been big a long time ago, have disappeared.

I have been drawing for only a couple of years, did not have the urge to draw as a child, but have only started taking art seriously two months ago, when I realised I would like to be able to draw whatever comes to mind.

I am a bit unfocused in my goals right now, kind of want to do everything haha. For now, I am interested in illustration and possibly graphic novels. Not very skilled yet, though, and the economic situation in my part of the world kind of totally prevents me from purchasing courses or paying for instruction because westerners are really expensive haha, so it is a lonely journey.

I will try to post here as much as possible. Nice to meet you :)
Welcome to Crimson Daggers Bonjidogen :).

Hopefully you can find some good resources on here that don't cost too much money.

Looking forward to sharing in your artistic journey :).

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