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Hello everyone! I'm new to drawing. I did some Drawabox exercises months ago, and stoped after the 250 box challenge. Then I started the Proko figure drawing course, and I am at the mannequinization lesson right now. Here are some gesture and mannequinization practise I did recently.

So in the future, I wish to draw some manga or comic like stuff that tells stories either from my life or from my imagination. I am also interested in other stuff like cartoony design, painting and even sculpting. But due to the limited time I have (I'm doing a fulltime job now), I have chosen to foucs on figure drawing at this stage.

I've also signed up for a manga creating course online. It starts at mid-June, but it only covers the design of scripts and storyboards. So I still need to improve drawing skills myself.

I plan to take Proko's portrait course after finishing the figure one. After that, maybe I would go back to the Drawabox course to reinforce the fundamentals.

Any advice is welcome :)

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Also, could anyone tell me how to delete the "disappeared" attachments after I closed the post page but didn't post the thread. I can see them taking the storage but can't find them in the attachments manager.
Excellent job for someone so new to drawing. You seem to be on the right track when it comes to working through the fundamental courses first one by one.

At this point, I would say you just need to continue to gather mileage. Keep posting and looking forward to see more! :)

Welcome FL!
I second Zorrentos as well. Great stuff here so far.


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