Hello there. I was a lurker of these types of forums and communities for a long while, and thought that no matter how much i postpone it, i still like these communities enough, to join in. 

Some bullet point style description to avoid unneeded walls of text. Despite this, i think i still ended up with a wall of text.
  • Working in an unrelated job, and art is a strong hobby going for passion my end.
  • Love traditional, but, dabbling into digital here and there.
  • Would love to get my foot in, down the line, into this world, because it always intrigued me.
  • Was a frequent watcher of live-streams from Johannes Voss(algenpfleger) - Same age as me(damn i am getting old) - and several other livestreamers back then. (remember livestream.com? when it was still with the yellow(?) background years back?) His sketchbook on conceptart.org, back then, really impressed me, and i found it quite inspiring.
      --- Around that time, i was dedicated(maybe a bit crazy) enough to do some digital paintings with a mouse. Will post  some select stuff here also, although you can see them in my deviantart page also, below---
  • Took a huge, several years worth of break(3-4? something like that). - life happened mostly -
Long story short, love the work people put here. I will post my own stuff here too down the line. Although the skill of a lot of people over here, far outweigh my own, i think i will learn some stuff from here that will be very helpful to my growth in this skill set. 

Ah, apropos, my interests are in visual storytelling(maybe graphic novels --> waaay  in the future), and illustration with a touch of old school approaches.

Newbie question: New attachment, and the images will appear in the post, yes? (this is for the sketchbook i will open here in the following days).

Welcome aboard Thomas. Thanks for sharing your story. There was a lot of memorable threads on the ol' conceptart.org, for sure.

It's great to have a hobby you're passionate about; I wish you all the luck in art and life. Nice pencil techniques in your DeviantART submissions. I hope you'll find what you're looking for on this forum.

Regarding the attachments question: Yep, after you click "Browse" and choose a picture you'll have to click "Add Attachment" and then "Insert Into Post" to actually add the image into your post. It's real easy, man.
welcome to the forum, start posting whenever you want, also yeaaaaa I remember the old livestreams hahaha

Thank you for the warm welcome.

@Pubic Enemy: Thanks for the quick response of attachment question. Yes, it is great. Hope i can push into this domain a bit more seriously, as i am sure to find what i am looking for over here. I will push into a more serious direction, as much as my own mental fortitude allows. 

@Gliger: Thank you. Will do!

Both of you have some impressive sketchbooks, on a first skim-through. 

@Pubic Enemy like the linear approach. The almost comic bookie art style. The smaller heads give, to me at least, a larger then life look. (Bayonetta designs anyone? If you are into video-games).

@Gliger: Like the detailed, and analytical, approach you took at analyzing your subject matter. Will be sure to go through your stuff with greater attention.

Thanks for taking a look. It's funny that you mention Bayonetta, because I racked up 200+ hours in that game when I was more of a vidya game addict. So your perception is very good, LOL!
Hey welcome to Crimson Daggers Thomas!

Nice intro there, I can relate to a lot of what you wrote - I'm into comics as well and I love traditional art too!

Looking forward to travelling the art road with you man!

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

(07-01-2020, 06:15 AM)Artloader Wrote: Hey welcome to Crimson Daggers Thomas!

Nice intro there, I can relate to a lot of what you wrote - I'm into comics as well and I love traditional art too!

Looking forward to travelling the art road with you man!

Thank you for the kind wishes. Impressive improvement of skills you got there from the first page to last.  

If the people on this thread represent the rest of the site also, then the art road will be quite enjoyable.

Welcome, I also started doing digital paintings originally with a mouse, I actually mowed lawns for a while as a teenager to save up for my first one, look forward to seeing your work on here :)

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