Hi everyone!

My name is Devin, but I pen my art under PixelSmut.

When I was younger, Highschool to early 20's, I wanted to be an artist, but ended up taking the path of a career Chef. 
As much as I love art, the industry was extremely saturated compared, and I felt job security in Food.  I worked my ass off and reached the new heights as an Executive Chef.  
But everything changed when the fire nation attacked. 
So roll 2020. With job loss and not many secure prospects for a Chef these days, I'm taking it as a second lease on life and trying to bury myself back into the world of art that I love and carve some path that way.
Silver linings and all that. 

I used to frequent Deviantart & had a Sketchbook I updated regularly on, but have been far removed from the community and art in general for awhile now. 

I've begun working on sketching and doing studies daily, and just this morning jumped back into digital art. 

A few things about me I guess. I used to draw anime smut for commissions back in the day. (Hence name PixelSmut) 
But after reading and studying Bridgman had started to make a painful turn around before I moved on to cooking. 

As far as taste I have an affinity for Dark art, Fantasy, horror, and am particularly drawn to oil painting and water Color. 
My inspirations and Favorites are Brom, Bisley, Azpiri, Manara, Royo, Shigenori Soejima, Yamamoto Takato, and Ignacio Noé.   ( I grew up heavily on Heavy Metal Magazine)

That aside I've got strong "color Blindness' Deutan. But really I just have a mutation in my eyes that effects my pupil dilation, which, in return, effects the amount of light my eyes absorb and washes out certain colors. Best example, when Im driving at night, headlights and streetlight take up about 60-80% of my field of vision. So you may notice my colors can be off a bit sometimes. I seem to have a lot of issues with skin tones, probably due to them washing together for me. Unfortunately color blind modes & glasses dont work for me, and there isn't any kind of correction for my problem. 

Sorry for the length. I am excited to  be here!
Welcome back into it,

art industry saturation I'm not sure was ever that real, maybe just less understood.
but anyway, its a great time to be in art provided like anything, you have the skill and apply it in worthwhile places you be fine.

My state is in lock down for the virus situation, many people losing what were supposed to be secure jobs.
I've never been busier with work

I heard much discouragement about art as a career, not much of which has proven to be true
does take time and effort, but so does most things

so power to you, and welcome again

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
It's been a rough year for everyone. However, it is inspiring to see people having a 'never say die' spin, and try to break through all the pain that's happening all around.

Welcome and here to hoping you get back on your feet soon.

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
IG: @thatpuddinhead
Hey Devin man, welcome back to art and welcome to Crimson Daggers - may it all go well for you.

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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