"Art" journey
Heya :) Happy to be here. 
I've been into drawing here and there since I was a teenager, but I'm someone who gets discouraged quite easily, so I never really pushed through with the practice and I stopped drawing for a very long time, thinking it just wasn't for me.

Here to try again now and hopefully keep at it. I'm going to try and post here even if it's just to see if there's any points I'm improving in. 

I still get discouraged, even during drawing, when I realise how hard it is to capture something or how much time I'm going to have to put into ugly drawings before I can produce ones I'm happy with.  But I promised myself to keep filling out sketchbooks, even if the stuff I produce isn't very good. 

Sometimes it's hard for me to find out what to focus on so I can practise more efficiently, instead of just random drawings. Hopefully this will help with that too!

Here goes nothing x) 

Welcome! Drawing can be a tough road, just keep working on it! This would be a good place to post more focused studies on things like perspective, form, accuracy, figure drawing etc. It will help you target skills you aren't strong in and we can help you improve (hopefully).

Also you can post your images directly in your sketchbook by going to New Reply, and then going to choose files at the bottom, and then hitting Add Attachment. It would have been a pain to do the amount you had in the cloud. But for future posts keep it in mind!


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