Hey - I'm new here - not sure if we're supposed to make a separate thread for each piece we want critiqued, or just keep it to one thread per user ?

Anyway, I'm working on faces atm, any critique would be much appreciated :)

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Hello! your art is very pretty,
I feel like the left eye on the lady is kinda drooping and maybe you could add some more contrast on the base and the left side of the guy's adam apple.
Woah! These are good! I really like the male portrait, as you have a variety of hues and tones that really give the painting to life. I think your female portrait lacks that. To me, the skin values read very monochromatic. Additionally, the left side of her face gets lost with the dark background. I would consider adding a secondary light source to the left side of her face to help separate her and give some structure to the darker side, OR maybe consider making the background lighter on the darker side of her face and making the background darker on the lighter side of her face. Hope that makes sense.

oh, wow, wasn't expecting people to reply several months after I posted ( didn't see the first one either, I think I was taking a hiatus at the time ). The feedback is appreciated tho, and I do like the idea of a secondary light source, it's something I should start trying to incooporate into my stuff. Cheers you guys, Igave up on getting any feedback for these ages ago


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