Anyone here from
Hey, guys!

I just found this page and it was somehow suggested as the "new" forums.

Is anyone here who was a member on that old forum, which was actually starting the whole conceptart community thingy on the net? I was there from the beginning and also a long-year admin (e.g. started and managed the Creature of the Week contest).

So I would like to know if there are any members from that time? [Image: da3651e59d6006dfa5fa07ec3102d1f3.svg]

A few members here have mentioned that they had sketchbooks on, and many used to lurk there. I made an account in the mid noughties but mainly lurked (my sketchbook was too terrible to get any engagement). I think you're the first former admin, though. Your username definitely sounds familiar to me.

Also, welcome aboard, it's always nice to see someone from CA. This forum usually gets suggested as the "new" CA because it's the least dead of the traditional art forums right now.
My profile picture on was a red fozzy bear.
Maybe this makes the bell ringing more for some :)

But nice to see at least one, who knows what I am talking about :D
Hey. I used to be a member of from about 2011. I was very noobish and untrained back in those days, but it definitely made me work harder and produce a lot of artworks! I still remember listening to old Dave Rapoza and Dan Warren streams while trying to draw character concepts.

I actually used to have sketchbooks on pretty much all art forums, but all of those websites have since been shut down due to lack of interest. I'm hoping that we can keep this one going for a long time! :)


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