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Hey, I'm Jasen! That's my given name with the "e" lol. I was looking for an online space top post my drawings since it seems like every other place I've tried is dead.

I like to draw just like you all and although I'm not a professional artist at the moment, I want to be a comic book artist as a career goal. Right now I'm in the early stages of developing a webcomic and it's going to be my first attempt at making a comic that I made for other people to see.

I like drawing people, but I'm not very good at drawing literally anything else in relation. So I'm hoping that I can improve in those areas while im here, and also it'd be cool to chat here I think.

alright, thats it from me mostly, I'll bookmark this website so I can come back to it again. Thanks for reading, and if you wanna ask anything feel free to PM me :D.

The attachments I provided are rough draft character sheets for the webcomic I am making. I'm gonna make some changes to them though so i think it's pretty safe to post them here.

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I am under piles of how to draw books...

help me please

j a s e n  Insane, ecstatic

Sketchbook || links
Hey just wanna share a welcome and recommend you go take a look at one sketchbook we got here for inspiration with similar subject matter and maybe you could make friend with the guy who know...


make sure that if you take a look at it that you check until the end there alot of skate related drawing there.

My Sketchbook

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Welcome to the forums! Hope you'll enjoy your stay!


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