Spagliacci's drawings
Hello everyone,

Here are some of my drawings and a few paintings. Some of it is old some new. A few I am proud a few not so proud. I tried to get a good mix of stuff to show my skills and weak points and just a good range of stuff.

[Image: VkkSnb9.png]
[Image: Dip0157.jpg]

This was a frank frazetta study of savage pelucidar

[Image: AMJaXh8.jpg]
[Image: 3nIcPHM.jpg]

Frank frazetta chained study

[Image: AUjbuL1.jpg]

Something to lighten my mood when I stay on site.

[Image: LKtTCbg.jpg]
[Image: lj54sk2.jpg]
[Image: 00LgE5M.jpg]
[Image: MVXeWkP.jpg]
[Image: q2BZsfW.jpg]

Some sketches of a sad clown character.

[Image: 4L3MEk9.jpg]

This is an old tractor engine I found

[Image: KtB86iU.jpg]

I picked the wrong marker pen by mistake...

[Image: 1GM3Aga.jpg]

An old jeff jones study. I really like his comic Idyll. I bought a paperback and I would highly recommend it.

[Image: PSr1Wxr.jpg]
[Image: NW10hfO.jpg]
[Image: V5EjHBi.jpg]
[Image: DpFC3UP.jpg]

My first still life in gouache. What do you think? I think my painting is quite weak compared to my drawing. I think it is better though to practice draftmanship skills before painting.

[Image: rmzRU6Y.jpg]
[Image: CSsSn8y.jpg]
[Image: vgM1rit.jpg]

Another old painting. This time in acrylic ink. I only have three colours plus raw umber for this so it was difficult.

[Image: hgsa9Sf.jpg]
[Image: jH1OtP1.jpg]
[Image: V91IEv1.jpg]
[Image: QdZSvbx.jpg]

A few charles dana gibson studies. Here I tried to be as quick as possible. I made up some myself too.

[Image: IrWGmxf.jpg]
[Image: tAjw2nb.jpg]

Edit: I also forgot this painting from imagination

Lastly I will show you some pages from my comic. I hope the images are easy to read from.

[Image: CK3Qa2M.png]
[Image: cv77KyE.jpg]

This is my storyboarding method. I flesh it out for a good level of construction I can work from. Then I pen over it. I try to keep things as simple as possible and super loose. I have a lot of fun thinking about visual storytelling. This is my only real project so I would love to hear opinions on this especially.

[Image: tNVCLyd.png]

And this is the cover page. A little strange I know.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. Would love to hear any comments. More to come soon.
Hello friends

Just a bit of rendering on a comic page, then I did a little life drawing. Not so strong but I have a whole page A2 page to fill so plenty of practice.

[Image: rTVGsK3.jpg]
[Image: Qt9ltFD.jpg]
[Image: lre7Biy.jpg]
You don't know how to use screen capture yet?Just press the prtscn button and copy past into photoshop and save.If you take picture of a screen the color won't be the same as the original...

My Sketchbook
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