A friendly greetings to you all!

I was pleasently surprised to find an art forum that was still alive in these day. Most forum of this sort have long since succumbed to their wounds, dealt by the dastardly phantoms known as Reddit and Discord. What more, it's a forum in the style of CA.org!
I've been doing art for a long time now, but for reasons I stopped and stagnated heavily. My wish is to get back in to doing the craft more seriously and having a place to share my studies would be a great boon to that goal.

I usually do cartoons, anime-esque stuff even, but I've been switching gears to doing more fundementals, working with basic forms, line, composition and design. In general, my goal is to increase the amount of work I do, in the sketchbook and online.

Welcome Grungust! Please create your sketchbook as soon as you want to share and discuss :)


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