Self critic
Just want to help people grow faster with the help of self critic something i think might be overlook when we are often looking outside for solution. You do not necessarily need expert to guide you. Just being able to clarify your goal and develop the vocabulary to be accountable to those goal already create a fertile soil for self critic to become a good option when no body is around or you simply don't feel ready to share your work.

I personally know that i was shy taking critic as a beginner might it be because i was already a pretty heavily aware of the importance of self critic and the fact i did not really seem to necessarily understand the importance of critic i was getting i had to make sure i was in control of my ship that meant being able to ''trash talk'' my art toward the direction i built for myself.

Critic are always good but they can also start to stir the boat in the wrong direction. Being to receptive is a thing and learning to filter the critic to work for you is an other skill.

Here a video i want to share on the topic

My Sketchbook

Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.

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