Mooeloo Learns to Draw
Hey there! So I created this account and actually intended to join Crimson Daggers a few months ago, but somehow I forgot^^; Buuut, I remembered this great community a couple of days ago, and now I'm gonna try my best to be a part of it. Ideally, I'll update this on a daily basis. Hopefully we can all learn a lot from each other!

A bit about me: I'm a Digital Media student from Australia, aspiring to become a 2D / 3D artist.

To start off this sketchbook, I've got these from today:

The beginnings of a self-portrait

A bad attempt at identifying planes and values in a photo. I've got to get read up more about this.

A photo study. It's off, but I think there's a little resemblance there.

And a 1hr painting from imagination to test what I learned today.

Welcome to the community, great start!
The Face....
Something I also need to work on, anyway in the photo study I think you needed to make the length of the face from the top of the forehead to the jaw line longer as the lower half of the face is very cramped. Having said that you did seem to learn from that in your imagination painting, which I like the best. Good going with your studies, these are loomis books (free) in pdf one called figure drawing for all it's worth might be helpful.

@KyleScary - Thanks for the welcome! =]

@ JonHop - Thanks for the advice JonHop! Yeah, I still need to practice my basic observation skills, which I'm going to start doing with cube still-life studies. Starting from the very basics should be a good place to start. Thanks for the Loomis link^^ I did actually try tackling the figure drawing book before but I think I want to make sure that I can copy things accurately before I start studying anatomy.

Anyways, for today I've got another self portrait... It's pretty bad. But, I'm aiming to do these on a daily basis to improve!

And also this quirkly little sketch from imagination. I kinda just drew an image that went along with the first word which came to my mind after I opened the .psd document - "Hammer." Kinda looks like something out of Fallout.

I also did some warm-up exercises and still-life drawings of a cube but I don't think they're worth scanning in. They aren't really that interesting to look at although I spent some time doing them... And yet I'm still pretty bad >.> Gotta practice practice practice! I'll be posting photos of them on my blog for documentation purposes.

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