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Full Version: A vagabond's sketchbook
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I'm a little hesitant to post stuff here since Im below the average level here but I hope this will change in the future.I know in a sketchbook one is supposed to post sketches or incomplete works of the sorts but I hope it's not a problem if i dump some of my "finnished" stuff here as well.
Hey! Welcome to the community, don't be hesitant to post your work. We're all here to study, work and help each other! ^_^
We're all here to get better man, don't be shy! You got some really cool stuff in here already.
I would recommend that you resize your images before posting however, a lot of people tend to post the original working size and not realize that it is actually massive!
My apologies.I'll keep that in mind from now on.
edit :Im stupid...was trying to put attachments in a spoiler...fml
[Image: 34hb8t5.png]

I have a very hard time putting that bow in perspective :T
Hogarth study

[Image: 2vx4vn7.png]
Vilppu Pelvis study
Put it in spoler so that it doesn't stretch the page

Happy Self-Portret day

[Image: xehrhs.png]

[Image: 33bj150.png]
[Image: 28lcuc4.png]
very nice sir, you're doing some cool things. keep playing around with brushes to create more textures maybe?
Thanks.Yeah I'm still trying to figure out a way to do that.

put in spoiler so I don't stretch the page
Nice value study man, I also really like your wolf shaman. Keep 'em coming!
hey good stuff here , nice anatomy studies too.
i suggest you to be a little bit more on "stroke economy" like the last two studies you post.
may be use a bigger brush. and for your studies , think 3D rather than just copy light and values . It will help you to understand the shapes in a better way. Ron Lemen created a tutorial on 3D understanding few years ago. May be you can find it . :)
i wait of rthe next posts !
@florentK yeah my linework and strokes in general make me cringe.Doing some lines practice but i don't upload it because people aren't probably interested in just looking at straight lines lol.

@atrenr thank you.Was just watching a documentary about this guy living with a wolf pack so i felt inspired n stuffs.

Anyway here are some more Vilppu studies and a Steve Huston anatomy study, sorta.I mean it's my own piece, but i just try to emulate his anatomy stylisation.
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