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Full Version: Pat's sketchbook
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I'm lazy...
New project I'll be working on for the coming days.
Hey! Your lines are really nice, don't leave them out. Keep them over the top of your tones and slowly decrease their opacity as you work until you feel comfortable to hide them. This will keep your edges and structure clean. Also think about where you should be blending your hard tones to create 3d shapes on your tonal pieces. Keep working! c:
Some minor adjustments.

I didn't like where my painting was going & decided to reset the entire thing.

Also included the original photograph in case anyone is in the mood for some constructive critisism.

Have a great day!
I think I'm going in the right direction Impressed
Update, cleaning up the edges
Update, using different kinds of brushes to blend values
fancy brushes didn't work so I took a step backThinking
Trying some random stuff
Update: hard edge painting to soft edge the idea is to go from the soft edge painting to a more detailed, stuctured hard edge painting.
First I made a painting using only 2 steps, then added 2 more steps & softened up the edges.
The next step is to bring back structure & anatomy using the gradations created using soft brushes.
Hello my friends !

I didn't know what I was talking about in the previous post.
Those ideas didn't work so they're pretty much full of shit.
Hi fellow daggers

Decided to share my painting process, it took about an hour, used reference ofcourse.
Have a great day!
Random painting
2 hours, photoshop
Uploading some more studies.
I would say you have a good eye for observing and replicating shapes, looking at your reference images. The technique you're currently using is good for analysing the contours of the face and how light interacts with them, but perhaps you could try blending more rather than using just flat colours. I think that would enhance your studies greatly.
Some more bad studies

Thanks for the feedback!

I looked at your sketchbook & totaly digged those tonal sketches you made in the Kraft sketchpad. I think its a good practice for rendering, so I'll try to do the same & get better at blending, rendering etc.
Posting my entire proces again. Thinking about the planes of the face really helped.
More stuff
A lazy day
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