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Full Version: Pat's sketchbook
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Lazy today
Painted a figure today, not a great one but yea...
Another figure for the day
-cough- yea...
Gotta raise my standarts...
Creepy dude
Another lazy day, but I'll never stop this daily thing!
Praise the sun!
I used to paint too light & now I paint too dark.
Ok so I made the values a bit lighter, so I gues I should keep painting like this?
I made this one without reference looks alot better then the last no reference painting!
Have a wonderfull day everyone! :"D
Used the planes of the face as reference for this one

30 minutes later
these planes typ of exercises are very useful, I can see the progress your making :)
Updates! :D

(01-10-2015, 11:22 PM)Yarrnick Wrote: [ -> ]these planes typ of exercises are very useful, I can see the progress your making :)

Wow! thanks I didn't notice those errors I'l keep them in mind in the future!
White hair girl again.
Random dude
The only thing I can hope for is for someone to get a good laugh at how horrible these paintings are.
Some more paintings, getting back on the horse lol
Hello fellow daggers,

I took a break from digital painting drawing random things in my sketchbook.
Getting back into it with a different mindset.

I've set some simple goals for this series of paintings.
- more refined softer edges.
- spending more time on these paintings aiming for 2 hrs a piece.
- spending more time writing more detailed descriptions on my posts.
- getting better :P

This portrait took about 2 hours, should have more softer smoother edges then the previous paintings.
The next painting I'll focus on building smooth, softer edges because there's deffinetly room for improvement in that area.

Have a great day!

Doing another portrait. Its a dude this time.
Using photo ref this time.

This is a rough laying of some values. Tomorrow I'll fix the values and shapes in the piece. Also some more smoother edges!

Have a good one.
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