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  jacksoneligray Intro
Posted by: jacksoneligray - 07-25-2020, 05:01 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (3)

Hey folks,
I guess I probably should have done this first before putting up my sketchbook thread yesterday, whoops.
Anyway, my name is Jackson, I'm from California, and quarantine has been rough. I hope everyone is safe and doing well.

I've been pursuing art seriously for about five years now. I don't think I'm the worst, but I do feel like for the amount of time and effort I've put into it, I should be a lot better than I am by now. I think I came here because I'm ready to stop being afraid of getting feedback from others, I just want to get better. I had a mindset for a while that if I just worked really hard for a really long time then I would improve, which isn't completely wrong, but I think I the aspect of that that I conveniently forgot to add to the equation was that I should probably seek advice from outside sources, which I did not do. For a long time, I wanted to be the one to figure out all of my problems for myself; something about that idea made it feel more like a personal triumph. At this point, I've realized what a dumb idea that was, and it is one that I regret having for so long. Now I am really just looking for more of a sense of community when it comes to art, and I've always heard good things about this site. To beat a point to death, I really just want to improve, so any feedback anyone has for me is greatly appreciated.


Jackson Gray

Sketchbook: http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-8915.html

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  hi guys
Posted by: G T - 07-24-2020, 09:14 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (4)

hello everyone hope you guys are all well,

I have been searching for a site similar to concept art.org and came across this little gem!

Examples of my work in no particular order if you're interested. here

i'm an illustrator (or aspiring? not sure) who has been around the block so to speak and have been all over the place and ultra demotivated when it comes to making art i'm looking to truly get back into the swing of things.

i learnt the basics of how to draw and approach art in college and i picked up graphic design and did that as a job full time pre covid to enhance the design side of my illustrations and that has helped me a bunch but still a long ways to go though. I love colours, cartoons and line drawings/work so that have influenced my approach to art a ton.

i love story driven fantasy based art and want do a lot of that in the future, i am also looking to improve my technical skills, like studying values cuz i suck at that (i really struggle to paint in monotone) and i double suck at hairs. so i am looking to improve that too. i feel like i could push the story telling elements in my art tenfold if i can improve  my landscapes 

i know these things don't happen overnight and takes a lot of time and is a tall order but my body and brain is ready !

thank you ^.also where to start?

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  Hello! Here my introduction...
Posted by: Perdison - 07-22-2020, 02:13 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (1)

Hi guys! I'm from Indonesia and I'm beginner in art. I'm looking for platform to post my improvement and I feel Crimson Dagger suits me me most since other platform is so intimidating. My goal is to make art that have strong story telling and bring emotion to viewer. It sound so big and I don't if I can accomplish that goal but I'll try anyway.

So with that said, thank you for reading this. Sorry for my english. I'm looking forward for your feedback guys.

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  Hello everybody
Posted by: back2drawing - 07-17-2020, 08:02 PM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (4)

Hi everyone, 

Nice to meet you! I am an amateur artist, actually a beginner. I have never had any art studies, but I used to draw a lot when I was young until the age of 13-14 and had a real passion for it. Unfortunately, as I became older due to time, studies and jobs somehow left the drawing behind. 

Now at the age of the 39, I am trying out one more time, hopefully more seriously, to draw and become better on it. I am looking to connect with other artists and possibly through this forum better my art by looking other artists and also seeking help.

I hope that's ok for you guys to post my work here and seek out advice and possibly help. I still don't know if I want to target such a high goal of being a professional artist but I certainly want to better my art as much as possible. Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Posted by: Skulladesigns - 07-12-2020, 01:28 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (1)

Hello, I'm a recent graduate in Illustration, looking to build up my skills in Art Fundamentals in order to pursue my art goals.

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Posted by: art_blane - 07-09-2020, 07:29 PM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (1)

Hello all, I'm a recent graduate in Industrial Design, looking to transition into becoming an illustrator. I want to make work that is expressive, and empathetic.

You can see a bit of my Design work here

My illustration instagram is here

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  Guess it's time I introduced myself
Posted by: Zarkatos - 07-02-2020, 04:02 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (1)

So yeah, guess I never introduced myself. Recently joined here after Conceptart.org shut down. 

I always dreamed of becoming a concept artist since I was 12 years old, I made a bunch of , let's say it awful sketchbooks on conceptart.org, (it's fine if you never see them lol) I have the dedication and willpower, but I definitely lack a lot of the talent and speed of learning many other artists possess, But we all have our own speeds and our only rival is truly ourselves.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

I've always believed I can make up for it if I work extra hard. Only recently have I been able to afford courses, growing up I was moved from foster home to foster home, so art was my only escape and solace, I've never taken an actual art class until recently and I battle with health problems that I inherited through genetics, so I can't work as hard as I used to, but luckily making art isn't as physical as other jobs. I can honestly say my life hasn't been easy, both in the system and afterwards working night shifts to survive, but it inspired me to work harder, though I have had times when I didn't know if it was worth it. 

I''m very thankful for all help and advice from other artists, and it's nice to be part of a community like this again now that conceptart.org is shut down, It's great to see a place where artists can all grow together, I just hope I can reach my dreams one day, and that I'll be able to make art that I'm truly proud of. Until last year, I quit art completely for several years so I still feel a bit rusty here and there.

-Sorry for the long winded post lol

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  Hi there
Posted by: Alexiel - 07-01-2020, 10:24 PM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (2)

Hi, my name is Alex. I've been in many art communities along the years like Conceptart.org but never participated much. I used to draw a lot as a kid and a teenager but eventually stopped even though the dream of reaching a good skill level never left.
I have decided that it was high time I actually do something about it instead if telling myself that I will do it "one day".

After not drawing for so many years I am basically starting from scratch and feel a bit lost. Hopefully being part of a community will help me stay on track.

I would like to eventually be good at both painterly digital illustrations and comics style drawing (complete with pencilling, inking and colouring). I draw mostly characters but I would like to learn to draw environments too.

Nice to meet you.

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Posted by: Thomas - 06-28-2020, 04:47 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (8)

    Hello there. I was a lurker of these types of forums and communities for a long while, and thought that no matter how much i postpone it, i still like these communities enough, to join in. 

Some bullet point style description to avoid unneeded walls of text. Despite this, i think i still ended up with a wall of text.

  • Working in an unrelated job, and art is a strong hobby going for passion my end.
  • Love traditional, but, dabbling into digital here and there.
  • Would love to get my foot in, down the line, into this world, because it always intrigued me.
  • Was a frequent watcher of live-streams from Johannes Voss(algenpfleger) - Same age as me(damn i am getting old) - and several other livestreamers back then. (remember livestream.com? when it was still with the yellow(?) background years back?) His sketchbook on conceptart.org, back then, really impressed me, and i found it quite inspiring.
      --- Around that time, i was dedicated(maybe a bit crazy) enough to do some digital paintings with a mouse. Will post  some select stuff here also, although you can see them in my deviantart page also, below---
  • Took a huge, several years worth of break(3-4? something like that). - life happened mostly -
Long story short, love the work people put here. I will post my own stuff here too down the line. Although the skill of a lot of people over here, far outweigh my own, i think i will learn some stuff from here that will be very helpful to my growth in this skill set. 

Ah, apropos, my interests are in visual storytelling(maybe graphic novels --> waaay  in the future), and illustration with a touch of old school approaches.

Newbie question: New attachment, and the images will appear in the post, yes? (this is for the sketchbook i will open here in the following days).

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Posted by: Nirenia - 06-26-2020, 07:06 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (6)


My name is Kaitlin, and I used to be a member of Conceptart.org. My username there iirc was IioiI. I discovered Crimson Daggers by searching for a character design generator on Google. I found Crimson Daggers and discovered that it is an art forum. I've been looking for one since Conceptart.org dissolved into cyberspace. 

My goal here is to get better than I am now. Way better. Some of my favourite concept artists/ illustrators are: Ji-hyun Ro, Toshiaki Takayama, Jungmin Jin, Zeroing, Cashile, and Daeho Cha. I would like to be as good as them someday. My dream is to be a concept artist specializing in character design or an illustrator.

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