Neopatogen Sketchbook
Super nice sketchbook! The variety of stuff you're doing is stunning, so much good stuff to look at. I really dig the owl gesture sketches, they look really good. I'm no expert at that stuff but to me it feels like that the curves could even be a tiny bit more exaggerated.

I'm really excited to see where you go with the Scott Robertson studies, you plan on doing some own designs?

Keep it up, I'll definitely check back!

Thanks everyone!
@miracoly I'm learning Scott Robertson mainly to understand perspective better, I try to think about 3d shapes every time I draw anything.  @Kurt I pm-ed you about the job. @Trigger I did have a problem with blending in separate objects, but I figured it out.
My toad is finally ready! I was going to make only a statue initially, but then I wanted to try all Sculptris features so I painted it :) Export to psd works like shit, so I just made screenshots.

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I am looking forward to seeing this in your final :) only issue.....the frog looks like a frog, but you need a statue texture. Easy enough to retexture by photobash. Great work ethic as always :)

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You can paint like that and apply textures in sculptris? Pretty nice.

Very nice studies and i also like how you used 3d to help with the more complex piece. Good work and keep them coming. Thanks for the visit on my sketchbook :)

My environment piece WIP, going to paint tomorrow! :) Changed the comp of the initial thumbnail and page orientation. My Sculptris model worked ok in Sketchup after reducing the number of polygons, but SU was still unable to process its coloring/texturing, so I just left everything grey. Trees and elements of buildings are from, those chinese roofs are so tricky. I'm going to paint a procession worshipping the statue, sticks are just to help with perspective. I'll post my pencil studies later, can't make photos right now.

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What the ?! ;0 I come here and then I see a epic frog and then I see an even more epic enviro WITH the epic frog ! xD

Really nice stuff here, make sure to add some people on that last piece for the scale.

Keep it up ! : )

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Great sketchbook Neopatogen! You're doing a lot of interesting studies - I love your drapery studies - great results. Your 3D work looks like it will give you that extra edge with perspective and composition. Keep up the awesomeness!

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CD Sketchbook

Thank you ShinOkami, Artloader! 
Decided to update my SB,  otherwise I'll get lost in papers and folders.
My environment piece is on pause currently, making sketches for the CC3 and some studies.
I also attached some drawings that I made when I was terribly unfocused, 2nd file, just to remind myself to maintain focus and peace of mind :) Did some iterative studies yesterday and today: drawing from reference, from memory and then from imagination, thanks @Jak for reminding of them.

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Some stuff for the CC3, and another still life. Today I focused on understanding warm orange/sandy brown palette and have been checking my values from time to time. 
Still lives are so damn hard, that's why I'll keep doing them! (and my cat kept trying to stel the mouse which made it more challeging). 
Used HSB sliders most of the time, because I heard that hue cube is not the best choice, in the end tested LAB a bit. I don't fully understand LAB intuitively unlike HSB, so next time I'll proceed with this  LAB color mixing tutorial .

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Started making a more detailed value sketch for CC3 today and get a bit stuck because I don't really understand well enough how lighting works. So here's my next still live, I set it up approximately as the gates in my CC3 with the half-cylinder for the character (perspective might be a bit screwed up because the focus was lighting). 
I'm going to learn S.Robertson's "How to render" later because I guess  my values too often, and I want  a more kinda scientific approach. Muse is good but only for the one who's fundamentals are strong. Still lives and any other studies  are much more effective when you know what you are supposed to see in the scene given the particular lighting (there must be a cast shadow here - oh, here it is! and so on). I can't rely only on 3d. 
Didn't look at the photo of my setup while drawing, but I used it a bit while writing analytical notes on top.

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Started studying "How to render" by Scott Robertson, it really helps to understand how light and shadow work. I applied all the theory I learned in my CC3, although it was not enough :) Hope to study this whole book. And to finish his How to draw book!
And my CC3 final. Sorry if some stuff for CC3 repeats, don't want to spend time separating  new studies.

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Hey neo, great job on going through CC3! I know you've learned a lot in doing it, because I do.
sorry, I wasn't able to get into skype recently, been really busy with many things. Ill try to get back into it though. so ill be seeing you there i guess.

wowwwww you worked so hard on that! The result looks great! Really awesome, so impressed by your efforts, makes me wanna work harder too ^^

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Those studies tho... What a dedication. Awesome to see how structured and analytical your approach is. And to put even more on top, its really cool that you balance the studies with a personal work. Please keep rocking!

Thank you very much guys, I appreciate it!
Some new  shitty drawings here, most of them are done in "no undo" mode in transport or public places. Sorry for poor quality of some photos, made them at night :) 
These days I can work only with pen or pencil, so I'm doing excercises, as well as revising gesture, life drawing in transport and a bit of S.Robertson studies. Trying to do some repetitive drawing: from reference, life, memory and imagination and to practice both tripod and overhand grips.

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Hey Neo.

Looks to me you're having a hard time with cylinders in perspective? Hope you don't mind the red lining.

In your cylinder studies, it looks to me your circles aren't centered to your axises (btw, what's the plural for axis?). I treat axis like the skeletal structure of the circles. The minor axis is the path on how the cylinder travels in the 3rd dimension. (V.P. = Vanishing point)

And the red-lining over the sketch.

Not super perfect, but I hope you get the idea!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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Hey thanks @John, I thought minor axis should converge in perspective a bit, but now I see that both angles are 90°. :) I was wrong!
But your far ellipses don`t seem to be rounder than your closer ellipses, I mean the degree of the far ellipses must be bigger, I read that at lesson 1 and observed looking at glass cups and a vodka bottle lmao.
Never thought those basic excercises would be such a challenge! :)

Haha vodka bottles, I bet every time you nail a cylinder you reward yourself with a sip of vodka? hehehe

Certainly @Brush, making sure to share some
with my tame bear! :) I used vodka to clean my mom`s computer tbh, works great.


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