Knopfkater's sketchy world
Good stuff man, you're digital studies are great!. It looks like you're struggling with faces, in particular, the proportions. I highly recommend Loomis books for a refresher (I know so original haha). If you'd rather not, just keep knocking those face studies out. You'll get it.

I would love feedback on my Sketchbook
Nice studies, Keep it up!

@kvSketch  definitely^^(started practicing his methods 3days ago:D )
@imPhelikz  thx man, i 'll try my best

So here some "lineart" i have to start somewhere :D

[Image: usmBYJ0.jpg]

cool stuff. I'm hella inspired by all those screencap studies, you've got a great sense of color. And it's great to see you applying the studies, ur gonna improve so fast! The pieces from imagination are a bit lacking structure-wise tho, I'd suggest studying Hampton/Loomis/Bridgeman/etc, it's just easier. Lookin forward for moar

@ vennsomn  definitely follow that hint to Loomis -^

Oh that day, hopefully tomorrow will be better.
There was not that much time i could spend on drawing this time.

But i finally managed to bind a copy of Drawing the head& hands, start with sketching and doodle a little bit.

now i have to focus on learning his method of creating the basic shape.

I also thought about limiting my tools to "ink" only. It has some downsides but it would give the benefit of possibly improving faster by doing more, (and more obvious ) mistakes.
what do you think about that? And /or had you experience with it?

[Image: pXCfkn1.jpg]
[Image: 9m10c6c.jpg]

[Image: tX5YxgC.jpg]

Nicer Scheiß :D That loomis book is great! Its gonna help you understand the basic shapes of the head way better so keep those studies coming. I cant really say if only doing fineliner is the best way but since you really wanna impove your lineart i would say its defenitely not gonna hurt you. But dont just restrict yourself. If you have the sudden urge to draw with a pencil then do haha

Quote:I also thought about limiting my tools to "ink" only. It has some downsides but it would give the benefit of possibly improving faster by doing more, (and more obvious ) mistakes.

I agree with the notion where the mistakes are going to be more obvious. Doing things with ink only will definitely make you commit with the marks you make.

My apprehension would be: if I made an incorrect mark with ink, the tendency is to start all over again. Imagine you're halfway into getting it done and you make a bad mark.

I know people who render themselves into a corner and find a way to fix the piece with no erasures. It's probably a different exercise altogether. But I agree with Noodle. No point in limiting yourself if you're not getting anything out of it.

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
IG: @thatpuddinhead
@Noodle  i will follow that urge when needed :)

@John     It feel like im loosing focus when drawing often times. so using ink, that would like you said"commit me to the                   marks , could help solving that habit over time(but ill see and try a litle bit around, thanks for your opinion : )

practiced today the basic shape a little bit.
There are still a lot of angles which i do not understand(like you can see) and have to reference/ practice more

So i try to do that tomorrow and start refining (add features)

[Image: 0YlKbYd.jpg]
[Image: qlamwXd.jpg]
[Image: amDoXMW.jpg]

Fuck even more than I thought :O so great keep em coming!

@Noodle got almost nothing done today, but have now because of that a  whole weekend :(
              but we will keep pushing

to small amount of time, and the construction went wrong. (placement/ build of the right eye and nose especially )

[Image: Ca6cWA8.jpg]

What did i said about having the whole weekend?

But i managed to still draw a little bit. Also the first attempt to draw a face over the ground structure, but failed horribly:D
everything comes with practice (like i noticed today while practicing the structure)

[Image: UTophMh.jpg]

Apparently, i will not have any( hopefully a little bit) time next week :(

I will try to get into the into the habit of daily uploads as soon as possible

(i will keep working on my structures and circles, but think i will not upload them until major improvements )

[Image: Ajb9zvn.jpg]

Oi  ma Lads

I'm back after my lil trip into the E-sport's and a whole lot of real life stuff with some stuff to show.

Here is some very old' ish stuff aswell as a Project i worked on.

i learned a whole lot in the Progress. And noticed all that mistakes made throughout the whole thing.

A lot of them where design wise and hard to change now. All finishing touches as swell as the presentation piece have to wait after a acrylic painting  i have to do.

Shoutouts to team Crosshair for the help in game design and testing, you're the best.

[Image: dL0Lslq.jpg]
[Image: FaAnBrj.jpg]
[Image: VSQsJKA.jpg]

[Image: MVUtBof.jpg]

[Image: YP03CnT.jpg?1]
[Image: BBK3hS7.png?2]
[Image: PZ3TE9Y.jpg]
if i look back.. those hands XD

yessss! :D great to see you post

haha voll verpennt zu kommentieren^^ dont stop posting now man i swear i will hunt you down!!!

Noodle: xD oki, i'll keep that in mind  *nervously looking around, trying to spot a sneaky noodle*

Leo: Oh boii , yes it  is

Soo, here's my weeks final, i will generally try to use everything i learned in that week, but this time it was more about the stuff learned throughout the project.

It's more about the line art than that horrible "coloring", made with the legendary pen tool... ye was worth trying 
(a coloring might be coming next week, who knows :3)
keep pushing guys, see cya

[Image: xKta2uW.jpg]

Nice nice man :3 but look out for the structure underneath. For example the right leg. It would be completely broken if it would be bent like that. Keep that in mind before you do your lines otherwise its gonna be for nothing cause you need to correct too much later on

Hey knopfkater. For your character, in terms of line I would add some thickness to the kneepads and boots more in line with the shoulderpads and chest piece you got going on. Otherwise it makes it look paperthin. I know you used the pen tool but I would go back in with a brush to add some line weight to various areas to punch up the piece a bit more. What kind of project are you working on?

@witch: changed some things about the leg, so it looks more healthy ^^

@KBarr:  Ok, i put more  weight into the Lines you mentioned, and it feels a lot better thank you for the tip :D
              I tried to recreate a certain style, with these kinds of thin lines overall, but the changes definitely improved the                    piece.
               The Project i worked was to find a fun way back into studying after a semi break.                                                            The assignment was to
               create an hero for the game-franchise OVERWATCH . (function, visuals etc.)
               it was very fun and taught me a whole lot about the process of creation and it's obstacles.

              Sooo howdy Daggers, not a whole lot to post now, but i started learning my fundamentals.

              With How to draw/ Render, two anatomy books and a big pool of movies to study from
               i feel quite ready to tackle it :3 Also please tell me about any other way work on them
              (especially later since then my mistakes will be more clear and there would be more to say then
               "work on that  fundamentals bruv")
                  So: THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE

              I try to keep my study schedule (min 4h a day 2anatomy 1perspective 1render +1 Projekt if possible)
              with application on weekends going, until it has become the new normal(about 22-40 days) and then
              go from there.

              This week will be more of a quiet on through having to finish the painting and the theater premiere
              happening this weekend(and all the rehearing that comes with that,)

              So, i wish you some awesome days

[Image: aeeWP5X.jpg]
warming up sketches, before studying the body to set a "starting point"

[Image: paOYSzs.jpg]
[Image: Gi2BLrs.jpg]

Some of the feature studies i made.. o lot of it is still traditional tho... one day

[Image: 3S0WpBw.jpg]

Little Update trying to keep it short, got bag into the routine the busy time should be over after the premiere is.

And the Painting waits to get uploaded, so some stuff from today and cya :D

Project i'm working on

[Image: Y0IF115.jpg]

[Image: f5XGljf.jpg]
[Image: vOYqCbc.jpg]
[Image: JxhETfN.jpg]
a unfinished experiment ^^


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