Knopfkater's sketchy world
Hey Dagger's

Thank you for stopping by to my sketchbook

My dream is to tell great stories someday,
so critiques and feedback are welcome :)

[Image: iaMWD5z.jpg]

For the first post Ill  post my daily studies from the previous days

Daily Study 01

[Image: mdpgTLF.png]

Daily Study 02

[Image: tAXEeGX.png]

Daily Study 03

[Image: StC1IBN.jpg]

Daily Study 04 ...
[Image: ejotZLH.jpg]
Daily Study 05

[Image: wKRIK5k.png]

Daily Study 06

[Image: YDdq5Uc.png]

Daily Study 07

[Image: I9JEB1S.png]

Daily Study 08

[Image: UpUx87t.png]

Daily Study 11

[Image: 5BgjxvW.png]

Daily Study 12
I want more life ... father ...

[Image: Bd4ERmT.png]

Daily Study 13

[Image: 8lPbVRZ.png]

Daily Study 14

[Image: BtiUuwO.png]

Daily Study 15

[Image: 9L8M9ah.jpg]

i missed the premiere of that movie back then, now i have finally bought the dvd : 3

Daily Study 16

[Image: B5gd3Ag.jpg]

Daily Study 17
Ladiiiiies and Gentleman.......

[Image: DKEqxDD.jpg]

Daily Study 18

[Image: lRFdXtU.jpg]
Hey Knopfkater! welcome to the forums. Good studies keep us updated, would love too see more.  Thumbs_up

Thank you CTrow

I try to not disappoint you Stupid 

Daily Study 19

[Image: F2fY0jV.jpg]
Daily Study 20


[Image: pl9hMGO.jpg]
A Character sketch

[Image: HFqIhbU.png]
Welcome! :)

Your studies are wonderful, but I would like to see some application of 'em, too! It's a very good way to test your understanding of the subject. I'd suggest doing an imagination piece after a week of studies, or whatever you find comfortable, really.

Keep going! :D

I agree with Yond', trying to recall what you saw in your study is a great way to burn it into your head so it's actually usable information for your personal stuff. On another note, I think your sense of value and color is great in these, but you're not quite nailing those proportions yet; maybe that's something you want to work on in the future.
It has been  a while since my last post here, but I'm happy to be back.

As strange as it sounds, the idea to be a dagger stressed me, so i went back to the little forum
i was in before.

I learned a lot about myself in that time and decided that there was nothing to fear :)

@Yonderly Thank you, i still try to get into the habit of  application every few studies.

Ambiguity you're absolutely right, i have to work a lot on my proportion and sense of form
                      thank you for helping a brother out :D

 some of  stuff:
[Image: 4Cr8YzA.png]

[Image: 3tg6oNg.png]

[Image: KfiTafF.jpg]

[Image: fFqX6zT.png]
sorry Dita :(

skull practice

[Image: 1MWKVac.png]
and application
So, a little redraw

i will probably do another one until the end of 2016

[Image: ao0xnSF.png]
Happy new year everyone Party

i really should post more often, shouldn't i ?
So let's add that to my new year resolutions.

from now on expect weekly updates, preferably on Mondays

[Image: aVlbU0G.png]
[Image: UegPzMS.png]
Happy new year to you too : ) 
That redraw though man thats impressive as fuck! I like the mood in your dark paiting keep em coming and let's kick some ass in 2017.
Oh and btw thanks for chekcing out my sketchbook. Your studies look familiar, are you a member of the bsd-group on deviantart? If not then nevermind haha

Lil update :D

Got back into the habit of doing gestures everyday.

The first few where traditional, and they seem to turn out better every time.
(switching for the first time to digital was harder than expected, but i hope the also improve when time passes :D )

The next week will be (like the last one) focused on improving my  understanding of anatomy and line quality.
It is sometimes a little bit boring, but will worth it in the long run :D

Hopefully there will be also enough time for strengthening my weaker hand a little bit more.
(I'm a a stage, where i can start writing Party )

see ya next week :D

[Image: 7yo7Ofj.png]
[Image: oAgC3wD.png]
Hey, man, nice stuff! I agree with Noodle, your redraw is really impressive! That's a lot of improvement in just a year. Keep doing those studies and imagination paintings.

Hey there 

@ZombieChinchilla  oh thanks, i try my best ^-^

had not that much time this week :(
but still kept daily gestures and anatomy(line) practice going
my weaker hand is getting stronger and writing becomes somewhat readable xD

I also started a illustration, to implement some of that gained knowledge.
(PS: if someone knows where the reference is from, please send me a link to it  Stupid )

see ya next week

[Image: gbY9ksy.png]
[Image: i.imgur.]
Hey there

i learned a lot this week.(or hopefully did)

Daily gestures are still going, but i think about shrinking their amount down to have more time left to focus on more in depth studies. I also will try to implement gained knowledge about how the brain works and optimal learning should look like (let's see how it will turn out^-^)

Also the WIP comes slowly together, i really have to work on that light situation and some more stuff, but it  gave
me a lot in terms of learning :D

Always grateful for any critics an feedback

see ya next week

[Image: P1YdWRa.jpg][Image: cfp4RDB.png]
[Image: yc71E26.png]
WTf your WIP looks sooo good <3 You might wanna d something about the face though. It looks a bit weird but that pose and the skintones are beautiful. How did you get so good damn. And your studies are making me hungry haha

hehe thanks for stopping by my SB!

Lets see, lots of painting practice! that's good and all, I'd encourage you to read a thread a wrote a while ago about drawing over painting to improve, perhaps it'll give some ideas. There's also some interesting discussion in it too :)

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Hey there Knopfkater - wow those colours and values in our movie studies are awesome and that redraw - are you the same guy??

Keep up the hard work with the gestures - good move on slowing down with more in depth studies as well.

Looking forward to more - hope your hand keeps on getting better man.

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

@Noodle      and the face has to become even weirder:D

@Fedodika  thread it and i can really agree with most of it. I really try to improve my line art and work more in it
                  and work more in it.   I really do not like it right now but that should get better over time.

@Artloader  thx dude, i try to try my best xD

A lot of stuff happened that kept me from posting(some days even from practice)

I fell in that trap of wanting to post just the good stuff, from now on i try to upload everything i do. It will worth it :D
Starting with some traditional stuff. I never felt confident about it. There where several months where i just drew digitally, so i gave it not enough time to improve.Time ti change that. I felt like starting all over at first, but it became just an other hill to overcome.

-the most important portraits, that showed the little progress
-skull studies to refresh the "knowledge"
-eye studies

[Image: vDApaem.jpg]
[Image: UqDltD6.png]
[Image: q6Bdp21.jpg]

Gaahh those eye studies are so delicious <3 oh and do i see a little gd portrait in your traditional stuff? ;P


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